Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Lovely Pattern From an Anime I Don't Really Watch

Hello! I have a new pattern to post today from an anime that I am not a big fan of! One of my brothers had a birthday on Monday, and I'm making him a cross stitch of the Garrison Regiment symbol from Attack on Titan. When I was working on the stupid looking first version of this, my friends were kind of like, "Oh, wow, Attack on Titan! Didn't you love when blah-blah-blah happened? Isn't so and so really cool?" I responded to these things with a polite, "Oh, I'm not really into that show," rather than launching into the, "Nothing about this show is any fun whatsoever! If I'm watching anime, I want pop stars and robots and mascot characters, and probably a bunch of outer space stuff, too, and an unreasonable amount of bright colors!" or the even dorkier, "They stole SNK's acronym! Do you know how much disappointment it causes to click on stuff expecting fighting games and then getting a stupid picture of a giant no-skin guy?" tirades. This is so bizarre, apparently, that twice in casual conversation, I have heard it brought up by other people, unprompted, that I do not like Attack on Titan.

That being said, my cross stitch pattern for today turned out pretty well. I started this with a different pattern, but it looked weird when I actually worked on it, so I had to make a new pattern and start over. It's not very big, at less than 100 by 100 stitches, and it has simple colors in big chunks, so I think it'll be fast to stitch. If the Garrison Regiment is, in fact, a thing, or an Attack on Titan thing that you have allegiance, too, I hope that you enjoy stitching this! I kind of want to make a pattern of the one with the unicorn on it, too, which will require further research on my part if I want to know what it actually is.
For today, this is all I have, but I've been working on patterns for Sprite Patterns December, which is coming up very soon! I think I have a set ready to go for the first few days that, while it was never actually requested, is not something really weird and obscure, so I hope you guys like it! I still have some big patterns finished, too, so I might post those between now and then. Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your crafts!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Posting at Least Once in October

Hello! I have not posted here for a while, because it has been a weird semester. Most of thas is irrelevant to this blog. However, as far as this goes, I have not made any cross stitch patterns for quite a while because someone that I know in real life made pattern requests with high frequency and deadlines in a manner that made me wish I had hidden all my craft supplies in a lead box under my bed. Crafts are not homework, but for a while, it felt like they were, so today, I decided and told them that those requests were off the table so that I can work on this blog and get going with Sprite Patterns December. I have a lot of awesome requests from you guys to work on, and some sprite patterns that I want to make for myself, too, along with a fairly large stitching project that I started over the weekend.

Anyway, now that I have all of that rubbish out of the way, it's time to post the last pattern, at least for now, in my set of giant Polar Bear Cafe cross stitch patterns! (I still might go back and make Llama, because that would be kind of cool.) For today, I have a pattern of Sasako, the only human who works at Polar Bear's Cafe, because she seemed like she would be a good addition to the set. The pattern is 160 stitches tall, so for this blog, at least, it's pretty big. The details are not extreme, though, and neither is the color count, so it should still be a relatively easy project. I don't imagine that stitching her skirt will be very exciting, but I also know some people like stitching giant monochrome blocks, so for someone out there, maybe this is an advantage. Anyway, I hope that you guys like this pattern!

This weekend, I also started a giant stitching project for myself, using a design from the Mario Paint strategy guide. I'd made a lot of stuff from it before, but never one of the big projects, so right now, the 16 by 16 square stamps feel like odd units to stitch from. It doesn't help that the center of this project is the most boring part of it by a longshot. For now, though, all I can do is stitch knowing that eventually, this dull blob of gray will be a hideously colorful and incredibly dated looking piece of Nintendo memorabilia. For now, marvel at this square, half-stitched gray mass! (It is done on 18-count fabric with DMC floss.)

I am done blogging for today, though hopefully, I will be back soon with more patterns. I have another Sailor Moon bad guy to post, a ton of sprite patterns from Fire Emblem and Rival Schools (because this blog is cutting edge awesome) on my desktop waiting to be charted, and plan to start a new set of big patterns to compensate for the Polar Bear Cafe set drawing to a close. Until then, have a good rest of your week and good luck with your crafts!

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Polar Bear Cafe Stuff! Enjoy This Pattern of Sloth!

Hello! I haven't posted here since before school started again, so my last post was over a month ago. It's my first semester as a history major, since I wanted to get my MA at the school I was already attending, and so far, it is busy. Luckily, though, studying history involves a lot of reading and analyzing books and then writing reviews of them, so a good deal of my skills as an English student were transferable.

Anyway, tonight, I should be reading the last 50 pages of a book on the legalities of citizenship in the post-Revolutionary United States, and I may still do that before I go to bed. Right now, however, I am continuing posting the set of Polar Bear Cafe patterns that I started several months back. I only have two of these left, but tonight, I will be posting the lovely Sloth! Sloth is the least major of the characters I've featured in these patterns, but I like him, so he got a chart anyway.

This is a big pattern with a low color count, so I think it should work pretty well for plastic canvas, if that is what you want to do with it. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard, low-stress cross stitch pattern. It's the smallest of the Polar Bear Cafe patterns, too, mostly because Sloth is smaller than most of the other characters.
For tonight, I am done posting, but I'm working on some nifty requested patterns that should be up soon, and getting ahead on stuff for Sprite Patterns December, too! I might still be kind of slow for a while, but I'll do my best to post more often than I have been.

Have a nice start to your week, and good luck with whatever stuff you're working on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three New Unconnected Sprite Patterns, Because I Haven't Done That For Quite a While

Hello! Today, I'm done with my summer grad student work, so I'm free to do some really superficial crafty stuff! That means that, today, I've got three totally unrelated sprite patterns to post! I'm working on three sets of sprite patterns lately- Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, by request, Kingdom Hearts, by ninety requests, and Rival Schools/Project Justice, because I want to- so I'm cleaning some of the random stuff off of my desktop before I get too far with any of them. That means that for today, I have a character from an FX hour long drama, one from a really bad 80s anime, and a character from a Disney movie that came out a couple of years ago. There's nothing really out of the ordinary here. 
Today's first sprite pattern is of Molly, from the TV show Fargo, because I like that show and wanted to make some cross stitch patterns from it. I've made Gus, too, and will be posting him in the near future. I think that, of the three patterns I've got for today, Molly might be the most difficult to stitch, since she requires a lot of different types of brown embroidery floss for her hair and police uniform. There's nothing that should make this more complicated than normal, though, so if you want to stitch her, it should go pretty well!
Today's next pattern is of Princess Rasa from an anime called (at least in America) Planet Busters. I watched in on VHS in my campus apartment last fall, which may have been a mistake. If I understood things correctly, this is the main character, but it was a really boring movie where people kept having wacky chases and having the same dub voices as characters from Robotech, until an unexpectedly existential ending, so I actually spent most of the movie making this pattern. There was a guy who I think was her brother and also could have been the main character, so don't hold me to this information. Though I wasn't a big fan of Planet Busters at all, I was impressed by how 80s-anime-giant-headed Princess Rasa looked, so I wanted to see if I could get a sprite pattern to have that look, too. I actually think I succeeded! I'm definitely going to make this, even if no one else ever does, but if you do decide to stitch her, this is a very easy pattern with basic, easy to find colors. Since she's from a pretty obscure movie, it is possible that no one will ever notice if she is stitched in completely the wrong colors of floss.
The last pattern for today is of Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph, who I'm sure is going to be the least often stitched of any of the patterns posted today. I made this pattern because she's the only perky girl in a Disney movie that I have heard threaten to behead people, and that is worth a lot as far as this blog goes. Luckily,the pattern seems to have come out really well! There's a lot of colors that are only used for one stitch in this pattern, but they're bright and basic, so you should be able to use scraps of floss from other projects for the candy in her hair. Other than that, there's nothing really strange about this pattern.

For today, I'm done, but I have piles more sprite patterns to post, a few more big patterns, and some finished projects to show off, too. I should be back with some of that very soon, but until then, have a nice day and good luck with your own crafting stuff!

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Monochrome Metropolis Pattern

Hello! Tonight I'm mostly just posting to be posting, so this won't be anything fancy. I do have a new pattern for you guys, though, so hopefully, that's something!

Last Saturday night, TCM showed Metropolis (the silent movie, not the anime), and I happily sat and watched it, even though I had seen it at least twice before. As had happened before, I ended up sitting around and making a cross stitch pattern based on it after the movie was over. Last time, I made sprite patterns for Freder and Maria, which I still need to make, but this weekend, I did a monochrome portrait pattern of the movie's machine-man, which seems to me to look more like a woman, but I'm not the mad scientist here, so what do I know?

I have stitched pattern this twice in the less-than-a-week since I made it, so I can safely say that it is a quick stitch that comes out very well when done in specialty floss. I'll have photos to prove it in a few days, when I am less lazy, but until then, I can tell you that she can be stitched in just a few hours and looks very nice in an embroidery hoop. With that crucial information given, here is tonight's pattern!
I am done posting for tonight, but as always, I have more patterns and have not quit making them! Have a nice day, and good luck with your crafts!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Combining Perler Beads and Cross Stitch- Finished Projects #8 and #9 of 2014

Hello! I hope that today, you guys are ready to see some really pointless crafting, because that is what I have to show off. The other day, I was sitting down and preparing to make something out of perler beads, but didn't know what I was going to do. This led to a lot of staring at a giant pegboard and a mass of unorganized beads, trying to figure out why it was so much harder to decide what to perler bead than it was to pick out something to cross stitch. I then thought that I might as well just fill my board with random beads, because it was just as good as whatever I'd pick (I was not having a very positive day), which then led to me deciding that if I did that, I could probably use it as a weird sheet of plastic canvas.

Once I thought of that, I ran and grabbed an old perler bead project that I'd made and broken to see if I could get a needle through the beads once they'd been melted. It turned out, after I stitched a few pink Xs on a Samurai Shodown character's head, that I could, so I then grabbed a bunch of yellows and off whites, hoping to make my sheet of beads look like a fake sheet of hand-dyed fabric, and spent several hours digging through buckets and putting beads onto the pegboard. That part of it was not very interesting. Later that night, though, I'd gotten the beads ironed and was able to start stitching on it with some craft thread. That was Sunday, and tonight, I finished this!
The squares that I was stitching on, because they were made of plastic beads, were so big that I didn't want to make a very complicated pattern. Because of that, I chose a sprite of Athena Asamiya from King of Fighters R-2 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. She only has three colors and the design is pretty simple, which I think is part of what made this work. A pattern with more complicated colors and details wouldn't have looked nice at all, especially because the holes in the melted perler beads were big enough for a needle, but so small that I had to use craft thread rather than yarn to stitch this. Still, I think that this was a cool project, and I want to try it again! I'm going to sort beads ahead of time this time, so that it's less tedious making the sheet of perlers to stitch on, but I think I'll still do a Neo Geo Pocket sprite once I get the sheet made.

A week before this, I did another small, but more traditional project, using a pattern from a long defunct Sanrio patterns webpage (from Geocities!), which was run by a designer who went by the user name Lullaby Lambie. I have a lot of her patterns, but decided to stitch Pochacco, mostly because I have no stuff with that character printed on it. I did this with normal embroidery floss on neon blue Aida cloth and framed it in a 4-inch embroidery hoop. That made it way classier.
I am done posting for tonight, but have a lot of patterns saved up and will have probably some sprite patterns for you guys later this week! Until then, good luck with your crafty stuff and have a nice week!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Twin Stars x Robotech Because This Is My Blog and I Do What I Want

Hello! I haven't posted here for over a week, possibly because I am lazy, and now that I am posting, it is to put up an incredibly specific-interest pattern that I made for a plastic canvas project. It's cute, though, so hopefully, that compensates for the project's narrow focus!

So, I was looking at some Sanrio crossover stuff, like when they did the Sanrio x Street Fighter project line, and it occurred to me that I would be a happier person if I had some Sanrio x Robotech cross stitch patterns. Despite the fact that this is a fine idea, it did not previously exist, so I had to do it myself. Though I could go on for ages about the process of making this pattern happen, the end product was a cross stitch pattern of one of the Little Twin Stars dressed as Lisa Hayes. My original drawing had both of them, but the one dressed as Rick looked weird and blobby headed, so I only made the Lisa one into a pattern.

Before I post this, I have to preface it with the fact that I drew this at around midnight, so using the actual outfit became secondary to drawing an outfit that looked "Robotech-y." I cannot actually explain what that means now that I followed that drawing up with a good night's sleep, but I kept the color scheme and a lot of the details right, so I am okay with it. Really, as long as I got Lisa's bizarre hairstyle right, things were going to be okay, and I did, so I am happy with this pattern.

The style and size of this pattern are pretty close to the not-made-up-because-I-wanted-them Sanrio patterns that I've posted. She's 70 stitches tall, with a pleasant pastel color scheme, but the colors are simple enough that if you want to change them, it should be no problem. This also should not take too long to stitch.
I am going to start stitching this very soon, but I have done a couple of other drawings of Sanrio mascots done up like characters from sci-fi anime and it does not get more normal from here. You guys will be subjected to those soon enough.

Anyway, I am tired and done for tonight, but will be back soon because I enjoy this nonsense. Until then, best of luck with all of your crafting stuff!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014's 7th Finished Project: The Little Twin Stars, Round One

Hello! Last year, on a day when I was not feeling very well, I made a surprisingly coherent post about a Little Twin Stars cross stitch flier that I'd ordered used from Amazon. I was really excited about getting it, because I am an easily impressed dork that's way too into Sanrio rubbish, but had not managed to actually finish any of the patterns included in the book. When I made that post in October, that was reasonable, since I'd just gotten the book that day and had classes and stuff to deal with. After a while, though, it just got kind of ridiculous. Yesterday, however, I fixed that by finally completing one of the many patterns included in the lovely cross stitch booklet. I think that I started this in October, which should tell you how fast I am at stitching and what a brilliant attention span I have.

Behold, my stitched version of Linda Dennis' pattern of the Little Twin Stars taking a nap on a moon that someone has unwisely tied a star to with a ribbon! (Really, this could cause problems. The moon looks kind of flimsy, and that star is big enough that it could tip it over and send Kiki and Lala flying. Plus, it might be gravitationally unsound. The Twin Stars must be awfully callous to just nap next to a potential intergalactic disaster.)
Because I am not a good photographer, you guys get to see the version of this that got run through an Instagram filter, as that site gives me a slight confidence boost regarding the appearance of my photos. However, I think that it is still a pretty clear image. I stitched this onto light blue 14-count with mostly non-DMC brands of embroidery floss, backstitching it with a navy blue that actually ended up being visually distinguishable from black. I then put it into a 7-inch wooden embroidery hoop so that I can decorate my campus apartment in the fall, along with an increasingly bizarre collection of other finished stitchings.

Eventually, I would like to stitch the entire Little Twin Stars cross stitch patterns flier, because it would please me to do so. I plan to start working towards that goal sometime this weekend. I haven't chosen which pattern to do next, though, so it is just as likely that I'll get all excited about picking a pattern, get distracted, and then do something else. Either way, it should be fun!

In a few days, I should be back with another patterns post, but until then, good luck with your own crafting projects! I hope that you guys are at least a little more focused than I am about getting projects done.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Fancy Portrait Pattern of a Sailor Moon Supporting Cast Member

Hello! I just spent two and a half hours doing XML markup of poems about Abraham Lincoln and his mother, so I felt like it was time to do some blogging here! I'm kind of trying to clean up all the still-to-post patterns that are sitting on my desktop, so today, I'm going to start posting a new set of portrait patterns.

When Viz announced earlier this summer that they were going to stream the old episodes of Sailor Moon with shiny new subtitles, I got all excited and wanted to make some cross stitch patterns for Sailor Moon characters. However, patterns of the Sailor Scouts themselves are not exactly hard to come by, so I wanted to do patterns for some of the less major characters. So far, I've done patterns of Ves Ves and Cere Cere, two of the girls from the Amazoness Quartet, the circus girl bad guys from the season where they have all of the weird dream mirror stuff (it may not be a perfect description, but it makes as much sense as anything would), and I'd like to make the other two girls from the group, too. Really, though, there's enough stuff out there that I could keep doing a set of portrait patterns of Sailor Moon characters for quite a long time, so I don't know how long I will drag this out. If there are any characters you'd especially like to see, though, let me know!

For today, I'm posting the pattern of Cere Cere because she has the advantage of having pink hair, which I like today. As far as my portrait patterns go, there's nothing too out of the ordinary about this, though her hair rings take up so much of the pattern that she might be faster to stitch than some of the others that I've posted. I like this pattern, though, and hope that some of you guys do, too!
I am done posting for today, but I sill have quite a bit of stuff to post, including a ton of sprite patterns that I still need to get onto cross stitch charts. I'm almost done with a project from the Little Twin Stars cross stitch flier that I posted about a while back, too, so I will probably have a photo post about that tomorrow. Until my next post, good luck with whatever crafts that you're working on!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dork Stitch's Sixth Annual Heal Slime Day!

Hello! As I was talking about earlier in the week, today is Dork Stitch's 6th Annual Heal Slime Day which, due to some bad planning on my part, proves that I have kept this blog going for a little over five years! There is no particular significance to the fact that it is Heal Slime day, other than that I like Dragon Quest and made a hyperbolic post about a pattern that I posted when first starting this blog, but it stuck because I decided that it should, leading to an annual post dedicated to the character.

I'm pretty sure that not a lot of you actually care about the Heal Slime patterns, even though I have a pretty good one this year, if I do say so myself. Despite that, I really appreciate all of you guys that read this blog, use the patterns that I post, and leave comments, especially considering that some of you have been here almost since I started. Without knowing that people were reading this blog, I would have gotten bored and quit posting a long time ago. I probably still would have been making cross stitch patterns, but keeping a blog is more fun than searching for websites willing to host my stuff, so it is cool that you guys have stuck around.

Anyway, for today, I have a sprite pattern of Heal Slime! I thought that I had done this years ago, but apparently, I had not, so for today, I set about making one character from an old RPG look like it could reasonably appear in a different old RPG. (Phantasy Star is fun and all, but it is sorely lacking the Dragon Quest slimes, as are most games.) The Heal Slime sprite turned out to be pretty small, though, so I made the normal slime and King Slime to go with it, meaning that today, I'm posting three characters in one pattern! They're all pretty small and not very fancy, but I think they're cute, so I hope that you guys like today's pattern, too!
With that finished, I am done posting for today, though I have a ton of patterns ready to post and will be back soon. As always, I have a lot of sprite patterns, and then I have more Polar Bear Cafe stuff and a set of portrait patterns that I'm working on from a different and far more popular anime, too. Until my next post, have a nice end to your week and, if you're also in the USA, a good Fourth of July!