Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Street Fighter Cross Stitch Patterns- Standard Chun Li and a Saucy, Saucy Ken

Tonight, I watched Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, and it was pretty bad. I knew that it would be going in, but I thought it would at least be funny, like The Skulls, or watching people fall off the side of a platform in Mario 64. Watching the movie did inspire me to get online and recolor some Neo Geo Pocket Color Capcom vs. SNK sprites, though, which was more entertaining than the movie itself and led to three new patterns to post here tonight.

The first two patterns that I have for you are pretty straightforward patterns of Chun Li in different color schemes. My sister and I prefer the pink one, but the blue is more traditional and perhaps a bit classier, as far as fighting game cross stitch patterns go. I highly encourage you to stitch them on the same fabric, ready to face off in a paradoxical battle that makes little to no sense but is incomparable in the amount of chibi underwear that would be flashed.

The third pattern that I have to post for you tonight is the gem of this collection. It all came about when one of my brothers saw me coloring the Chun-Li sprites and asked if I'd make him a cross stitch of Ken. I have no moral objection to Ken, so I went for it and found the best sprite ever. I don't know why it's there, or what purpose it serves, but by God, Ken is lookin' saucy. This will not be the Ken that I make for my brother, but make no mistake, I will make it. Just looking at it makes me wonder what exactly led to this moment in the history of civilization. If any of you decide to make it, send me a picture and I will have my entire week made knowing that the world is being filled with saucy Ken cross stitches.

Anyway, I hope you guys like these patterns. My next post will not be related to fighting games, so you can breathe a bit easier for at least a couple of days.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, This Pattern Is Absolutely Depressing, Isn't It?

Hello! I wasn't planning on posting anything today, to stretch out the three patterns that I had, but I finished stitching a big SNK fighter sprite this afternoon, so I'm going to post a pattern anyway. Plus, I'm not sure what else to do, and posting a blog seems like a productive enough option to go with. The pattern I'm posting today was made on Friday night, and it's of a character not related to anime or video games at all. Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is more than a sufficent subject for a pattern, though, since everyone needs a nice Douglas Adams themed embroidery pattern. This pattern is taken from a fanart I drew shortly after the Hitchhiker's Guide movie came out a few years ago, using a figurine of Marvin for a reference, and though the oversized head fell off of the toy Marvin, this pattern ought to last for a fairly long time once it's stitched. It's 50 by 50 stitches, but the number of colors is pretty low, so it shouldn't take that long to make. If one of you does make it, though, you should send a picture so I can write another blog post about your finished version of Marvin. Here at Dork Stitch, we can never have too much British sci-fi.

Anyway, I hope that all of you reading this enjoy the pattern and have a nice week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time For a Pokemon Trainer

Hello! It's Sunday, which is usually sort of a lazy day, so I've just prepared 3 patterns to post here. All of them are from different sources, and none of them are directly related to any games that SNK developed, so it ought to be a change of pace for this blog. As I said in my last post, I'm going to get these patterns started with some Pokemon. It's not a pattern of an actual Pokemon, but is rather of May in the Emerald trainer type of outfit that she popped up with on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. (Don't you love having really specific patterns to work with?) This used to be on Little Mojo's much missed anime cross stitch patterns page, and I have stitched this before, on weird and slightly slick vinyl Aida. It can be seen at http://missy-tannenbaum.deviantart.com/art/X-Stitch-Fanart-May-Portrait-98436521 , over on my Deviant Art page. I made some changes to the pattern since then, so her head scarf thing doesn't look so weird in terms of the colors used, so if you make it, please don't be alarmed and frightened when there's white where the light blue used to be. I probably would be, so I just thought I'd warn you guys, too. Anyway, here's the pattern for today, and I hope that you check back soon for more positively heart-pounding and nail biting cross stitch patterns!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Something Too Agressive, Something Too Cutesy

For the past few days, I haven't posted anything, and I don't really have any reason for that. I had patterns saved and on reserve to post, all ready to go, but they just didn't get up here. The two of them are actually still on reserve in case I get incredibly lazy again. Today, however, I'm posting two patterns from the Neo Geo Pocket Color classic, if the system even lasted long enough to have game garnering that honor, Capcom vs. SNK Cardfighter's Clash. I tried to keep a balance between the two patterns, meaning that though one of them is swinging knives around, the other is being a wistful little schoolgirl thinking about her boyfriend. Regardless of which attitude you choose to support, however, both of them are nerd-a-riffic, with Ms. Aggression being Eri from Metal Slug and Ms. I'm So Cute I'll Make You Throw Up being Yuki, the ultimate in peripheal SNK characters, with the boyfriend in her thought bubble being Kyo from King of Fighters. (I know there's more to Yuki, but talking about that would lead to rambling, sending people screaming from here.) At any rate, here are the patterns, and for my next post, I think I'm going to try and go for some Pokemon stuff. I hope everyone is having a nice Friday that leads into a good weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fire Emblem Cross Stitch Without Marth? His Day Shall Come....

Hello! Today it is about 400 degrees out, so I am posting a pattern early, so I don't have to be in the kitchen with the computer when it gets up to 500 degrees this afternoon. Plus, I'm going to the movies later, making a pattern posting at this point extra advantageous. The cross stitch pattern for today isn't that exciting, but it is old school. It depicts Catria and Palla from the first installment of the Fire Emblem series, which has currently been re-released as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for DS. I would have put Est in the pattern, too, to complete the Pegasus Knight trifecta, but her hair just didn't quite match the color scheme, so the poor girl was doomed from the start. I like the 80s character designs for them, though, and the graphical limitations of the NES keep the colors down for your convienence. As always, if you decide to stitch these lovely ladies, send me a picture to be featured right here at Dork Stitch!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Watchmen Pattern

Hello! I'm not too chatty today, since I got evacuated from my house because of a gas leak, which led to me going to a job interview with a bleeding foot, which left me too full of adventure to do that much else. I have, however, watched a sufficient amount of Back To The Future films (which is one of them) and drank enough tea (which is 4 cups, including one really big one from Arby's) to get online and type magical sentences. This, of course, leads to the posting of new patterns here, which I am doing with another charming pattern of Rorschach from Watchmen. This pattern was also designed for my sister's birthday, but, due to its size, it hasn't been completed yet. I have hopes for it in the future, though, and if any of you guys decide to make this, send me a picture and I'll write a lovely blog post about your grand achievement!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obscure 2600 Shooter Day!

Hello! Last night, my sister and I finished our viewing of the Evil Dead trilogy, so when I was going through the patterns I had to upload for today, I decided to take the tenuous connections path and post a pattern for Demon Attack, an Atari 2600 shooter that's more addictive than it should be. When I was making this pattern, I was taking a lot more effort than I should have, pausing the game, copying the sprites onto graph paper, and then getting to the next level so that I could get a new ship's sprite. I then edited the whole thing together on Pattern Maker, leading to what is seen here. The game's graphical style and my boredom induced attention to detail led to this pattern having a ton of colors, but if you look at the thumbnail on the pattern, you should be able to approximate them and ignore the floss list if you so desire. To give it that extra-special 4-bit look, I also recommend doing this on black Aida cloth so that it looks like the game as it goes, even though these ships don't appear on screen at the same time. Anyway, I hope that you guys like this Demon Attack pattern, since the world was just clamoring for it, and check back soon for more cross stitch patterns!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Watchmen Cross Stitch Is Great For Home Decor!

Welcome to a new day of posting on Dork Stitch! I'd planned to update yesterday, but after some bad storms the night before, we spent yesterday morning with the power off, throwing the day off sufficiently enough that working on new patterns involved a lot more bad reality TV and Metroid: Zero Mission than it would for most people. Today, however, I took quite a few patterns from my laptop and put them on here for the purpose of this blog. The first of these, contained in today's post, is what, for lack of a less verbose term, I'm going to label as the Watchmen logo. This was designed for my sister's birthday in September, and she needlepointed a really spiffy version of this, which can be seen at http://indieposernerd.deviantart.com/art/Watchmen-Logo-101754934

Anyway, I hope that you guys like this pattern, and I'll be back to post more soon, with some Atari 2600 stuff, weird anime mascots, and even another Watchmen pattern coming up. It sounds like such a party, doesn't it? As always, if you make the pattern, send me a link to it so that I can post it here for everyone to see!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's a Pattern! Wooo!

Hello! I am having a slightly off day today, so the only pattern I worked on was a backstitch heavy portrait of Dixie Kong, due to my current fascination with Diddy Kong Racing. It's not quite done, and it's really odd looking, so it's not ready for tonight and may not be ready for a good long while. In my pattern reserves, however, I have a pattern of Flonne from Disgaea that I stitched a bit over a week ago. It's only in a few colors, and it's not very big, so it ought to make a nice quick project, if any of you are interested in making her. Tommorrow, though, I'm hoping to be over my initial shock at summer being hot (isn't it terrible?) and will hopefully post something else. I just have to warn all of you that Top Hunter day is on the horizon and that it will be perplexing indeed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

Hello! As has been the general use for this blog so far, I am posting tonight with some cross stitch patterns. I finished the massive Disgaea project that I mentioned a couple of days ago, though, so today I'm feeling all saucy and have decided to post two patterns. The two of them, however, are a bit different in tone so that I could create a bit of balance here.

The first of these patterns is of the most unapologetically shallow character I've ever read a manga about, Nana's own Nana Komatsu. I sort of dropped off of reading Nana after an odd couple of pages involving self harm and a porn star (and I apologize if this is a spoiler for you, but taken out of context, I feel it's slightly inexplicable), but I still really like this pattern. I stitched it while ago, and the finished project can be seen here: http://missy-tannenbaum.deviantart.com/art/X-Stitch-Fanart-Nana-K-2-74244621. It was a pretty quick project, and it was also interesting to make and had a reasonably nice result, so if any of the rest of you want to make Nana, the pattern's here and waiting for you!

The second pattern here goes from the last pattern's girl with an "Wow, I'm so pretty!" attitude to a girl with a "I'll kick your brains out if you mess with me!" attitude with Leona from the King of Fighters series of fighting games, taken here from the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It may be a mere continuation of my SNK fixation making itself apparent here, but I've cross stitched Leona twice before and, since this is a new pattern of her, I'll probably do it again. Plus, a little aggression is always fun in your crafting project! Maybe Leona would look nice over your fridge, with the words, "Hey, if you take my yogurt without replacing it, I'll cut you." backstitched underneath her. There are, of course, other options, but that one currently amuses me.

Anyway, I'm done for tonight, after that lovely load of perfectly coherent talk, but check back soon for more free patterns and fun ideas on how to scare your roommates with Dork Stitch!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow, This Post Has a Pattern? What a Shock!

Hello! With today's post, I bring you something that a lot of people who know me outside of the internet, or even from Deviant Art, could have guessed was coming- the first pattern from an SNK game. Instead of going with a King of Fighters pattern, as I'd originally considered, I decided to go with something from Metal Slug, which, at least in my head, was much funnier. Because of this, I bring you this pattern of Eri and Fio from Metal Slug, all happy because they just exploded a bunch of things without getting exploded themselves. The sepia tones here were pulled off with the help of Pattern Maker, by reducing the colors until it looked the way I wanted it to.

As always, if you decide to make this, please send in a picture of the finished project and I'll post it here! Tommorrow will bring another pattern, though I don't know what yet, so keep checking back for more free cross stitch patterns!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Fourth Pattern Post

Well, I already posted here once today, and by all means, that ought to be enough. There is no need for me to pollute the Internet with my shenanigans multiple times a day. After a lovely evening of watching sitcoms on the Disney Channel and needlepointing Disgaea fanart, however, I felt that I ought to return to this mystical blog.

My pattern for this posting is different from those that have preceded it in that it is not based on a cartoon, comic book, or video game. When I was flipping though my pads of graph paper, though, I found the pattern and wanted to transfer it to Pattern Maker and do something with it.

This pattern was drawn after an Evanescence concert that I went to a couple of years ago and was inspired by the remarkably poofy pink skirt that Amy Lee wore on stage. The outfit here isn't quite the same as the one from the concert, as putting that many frills on a pattern would require a 200 by 200 grid, even with backstitching, but it's as close as I could get in a tiny space. It was also sort of interesting to make this pattern because I tried to make it look, stylistically, at least, like an older pattern, using a few books of Anne Orr's patterns as a reference. Anyway, I'm sure that's way more yabbering than was necessary to explain such a small pattern, but I hope that you guys like it. If any of you decide to stitch her, feel free to contact me with a picture of the finished product, since I'd love to see it, and I'm hoping to stitch her for myself when I finish my Disgaea atrocity.

The Third Pattern Posting

Hello, everybody! I was planning on updating this blog yesterday, but after a very consumerist turn of events, I ended up with an iPod touch and Diddy Kong Racing DS, meaning that not much creative got done for the day. Today, however, I actually am updating things with a charming Hellboy pattern for all of you reading this. The pattern is the BRPD logo, since I like making logo-ish things and stitching them onto things where they don't belong, and I've actually made this one before, quite a while ago. (The finished product can be seen on Deviant Art, at this link. http://missy-tannenbaum.deviantart.com/art/X-Stitch-Fanart-Hellboy-logo-92809669 ) The version I stitched is a bit sloppy, though, so I cleaned the pattern up for posting here. At any rate, I hope that you guys enjoy this pattern, and I'll be posting more cross stitch patterns later in the week, quite possibly on dorky subjects.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Second Set of Patterns

Hello! Before I start composing this blog post, I ought to inform you that it is nearly one in the morning, and, since I have no common sense, I am using my time at this hour to write about cross stitch patterns of squishy video game characters instead of using it to sleep. Therefore, some incoherence is to be expected.

Today's patterns are not as fancy as yesterday's, but they are very small and feature backstitching, which may appeal to some. The first two of them are everyone's favorite Pokemon, Magnemite and Ditto. It has been a while since I drew these patterns, so I am not sure why I chose them out of all 493 or however many of them currently exist. My best guess, however, is that they were picked because they are really easy to draw.

As stunning as these Pokemon are, I must inform you that they are not all I have for tonight. While I watched my brother play Fire Emblem, I drew a small pattern of Slime from Dragon Quest, mostly because Slime is amazing. The pattern for it is almost as fancy as the patterns for Ditto and Magnemite, so I hope it is not too frightening for all of you.

I am currently falling asleep at the keyboard, so I am afraid it is time for me to go to bed. Thank you very much for reading this blog, and if you decide to make any of these, contact me and I will feature your finished projects right here! Check back soon for more mystical patterns from anime, video games, or whatever else sounds good to me at the moment!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The First Set of Patterns

Tonight is a momentous occasion. On this evening, I bring you two cross stitch patterns on the theme of "Stuff That Is Blue And Can Also Be Made Into Small Cross Stitch Patterns."

This begins with a pattern of three Mudkips frolicking, or perhaps a pattern that represents one Mudkip jumping on a small zoetrope. They may be split up for a tiny Mudkip pattern, or they may be used together to form a charming border.

After the Mudkips come the evening's second pattern, a chart depicting Brainy Smurf, who, of course, is the finest of the Smurfs. I don't have much to say about this other than to declare that Smurfs is a very good cartoon indeed and that I plan to make this at some point.

Anyway, I hope that you guys like these patterns, and if you decide to make them, please contact me and I will feature them in this blog! I hope to post more patterns soon, but if you need a fix until then, check out http://animestitching.blogspot.com . It's a really good blog, and I completely ripped off the pattern format here from what's shown there.


Hello! My name is Allison, but most of you reading this probably know me as missy-tannenbaum, from such fine websites as "Deviant Art," where I maintain a gallery that, at least in my own opinion, is quite lovely, or from my former work on "Anime Cross Stitch Patterns," where some of my anime cross stitch patterns were posted. (I know, it's very shocking, isn't it?) At this point in my life, however, I feel that it is time to strike out on my own- time to create a blog in which I can self servingly post cross stitch patterns of whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. Here, you will find cross stitch patterns from anime, other cartoons, video games, comic books, and other things that I find nifty. It is not a very specific topic, but I hope to use tags to everyone's advantage. At any rate, please check back often, as I hope to update rather frequently with a variety of patterns for all of you out there in Internet World. Bye!