Thursday, June 11, 2009

The First Set of Patterns

Tonight is a momentous occasion. On this evening, I bring you two cross stitch patterns on the theme of "Stuff That Is Blue And Can Also Be Made Into Small Cross Stitch Patterns."

This begins with a pattern of three Mudkips frolicking, or perhaps a pattern that represents one Mudkip jumping on a small zoetrope. They may be split up for a tiny Mudkip pattern, or they may be used together to form a charming border.

After the Mudkips come the evening's second pattern, a chart depicting Brainy Smurf, who, of course, is the finest of the Smurfs. I don't have much to say about this other than to declare that Smurfs is a very good cartoon indeed and that I plan to make this at some point.

Anyway, I hope that you guys like these patterns, and if you decide to make them, please contact me and I will feature them in this blog! I hope to post more patterns soon, but if you need a fix until then, check out . It's a really good blog, and I completely ripped off the pattern format here from what's shown there.

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