Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hello! My name is Allison, but most of you reading this probably know me as missy-tannenbaum, from such fine websites as "Deviant Art," where I maintain a gallery that, at least in my own opinion, is quite lovely, or from my former work on "Anime Cross Stitch Patterns," where some of my anime cross stitch patterns were posted. (I know, it's very shocking, isn't it?) At this point in my life, however, I feel that it is time to strike out on my own- time to create a blog in which I can self servingly post cross stitch patterns of whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. Here, you will find cross stitch patterns from anime, other cartoons, video games, comic books, and other things that I find nifty. It is not a very specific topic, but I hope to use tags to everyone's advantage. At any rate, please check back often, as I hope to update rather frequently with a variety of patterns for all of you out there in Internet World. Bye!

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