Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's a Pattern! Wooo!

Hello! I am having a slightly off day today, so the only pattern I worked on was a backstitch heavy portrait of Dixie Kong, due to my current fascination with Diddy Kong Racing. It's not quite done, and it's really odd looking, so it's not ready for tonight and may not be ready for a good long while. In my pattern reserves, however, I have a pattern of Flonne from Disgaea that I stitched a bit over a week ago. It's only in a few colors, and it's not very big, so it ought to make a nice quick project, if any of you are interested in making her. Tommorrow, though, I'm hoping to be over my initial shock at summer being hot (isn't it terrible?) and will hopefully post something else. I just have to warn all of you that Top Hunter day is on the horizon and that it will be perplexing indeed.

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