Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obscure 2600 Shooter Day!

Hello! Last night, my sister and I finished our viewing of the Evil Dead trilogy, so when I was going through the patterns I had to upload for today, I decided to take the tenuous connections path and post a pattern for Demon Attack, an Atari 2600 shooter that's more addictive than it should be. When I was making this pattern, I was taking a lot more effort than I should have, pausing the game, copying the sprites onto graph paper, and then getting to the next level so that I could get a new ship's sprite. I then edited the whole thing together on Pattern Maker, leading to what is seen here. The game's graphical style and my boredom induced attention to detail led to this pattern having a ton of colors, but if you look at the thumbnail on the pattern, you should be able to approximate them and ignore the floss list if you so desire. To give it that extra-special 4-bit look, I also recommend doing this on black Aida cloth so that it looks like the game as it goes, even though these ships don't appear on screen at the same time. Anyway, I hope that you guys like this Demon Attack pattern, since the world was just clamoring for it, and check back soon for more cross stitch patterns!

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