Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Second Set of Patterns

Hello! Before I start composing this blog post, I ought to inform you that it is nearly one in the morning, and, since I have no common sense, I am using my time at this hour to write about cross stitch patterns of squishy video game characters instead of using it to sleep. Therefore, some incoherence is to be expected.

Today's patterns are not as fancy as yesterday's, but they are very small and feature backstitching, which may appeal to some. The first two of them are everyone's favorite Pokemon, Magnemite and Ditto. It has been a while since I drew these patterns, so I am not sure why I chose them out of all 493 or however many of them currently exist. My best guess, however, is that they were picked because they are really easy to draw.

As stunning as these Pokemon are, I must inform you that they are not all I have for tonight. While I watched my brother play Fire Emblem, I drew a small pattern of Slime from Dragon Quest, mostly because Slime is amazing. The pattern for it is almost as fancy as the patterns for Ditto and Magnemite, so I hope it is not too frightening for all of you.

I am currently falling asleep at the keyboard, so I am afraid it is time for me to go to bed. Thank you very much for reading this blog, and if you decide to make any of these, contact me and I will feature your finished projects right here! Check back soon for more mystical patterns from anime, video games, or whatever else sounds good to me at the moment!


    Ditto is one of my fave pokemon, esp in the episode featuring ditto and duplica. (i'm sure you've seen it- the best part is where jessie yells at ditto to look like her old boyfriend and ditto transforms completely except for its eyes lolz)


  2. Thanks very much for the comment! I got a box set of Pokemon for Christmas and that episode was on there. It was really funny, but I'd nearly forgotten about it. ^^