Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

Hello! As has been the general use for this blog so far, I am posting tonight with some cross stitch patterns. I finished the massive Disgaea project that I mentioned a couple of days ago, though, so today I'm feeling all saucy and have decided to post two patterns. The two of them, however, are a bit different in tone so that I could create a bit of balance here.

The first of these patterns is of the most unapologetically shallow character I've ever read a manga about, Nana's own Nana Komatsu. I sort of dropped off of reading Nana after an odd couple of pages involving self harm and a porn star (and I apologize if this is a spoiler for you, but taken out of context, I feel it's slightly inexplicable), but I still really like this pattern. I stitched it while ago, and the finished project can be seen here: http://missy-tannenbaum.deviantart.com/art/X-Stitch-Fanart-Nana-K-2-74244621. It was a pretty quick project, and it was also interesting to make and had a reasonably nice result, so if any of the rest of you want to make Nana, the pattern's here and waiting for you!

The second pattern here goes from the last pattern's girl with an "Wow, I'm so pretty!" attitude to a girl with a "I'll kick your brains out if you mess with me!" attitude with Leona from the King of Fighters series of fighting games, taken here from the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It may be a mere continuation of my SNK fixation making itself apparent here, but I've cross stitched Leona twice before and, since this is a new pattern of her, I'll probably do it again. Plus, a little aggression is always fun in your crafting project! Maybe Leona would look nice over your fridge, with the words, "Hey, if you take my yogurt without replacing it, I'll cut you." backstitched underneath her. There are, of course, other options, but that one currently amuses me.

Anyway, I'm done for tonight, after that lovely load of perfectly coherent talk, but check back soon for more free patterns and fun ideas on how to scare your roommates with Dork Stitch!

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