Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Third Pattern Posting

Hello, everybody! I was planning on updating this blog yesterday, but after a very consumerist turn of events, I ended up with an iPod touch and Diddy Kong Racing DS, meaning that not much creative got done for the day. Today, however, I actually am updating things with a charming Hellboy pattern for all of you reading this. The pattern is the BRPD logo, since I like making logo-ish things and stitching them onto things where they don't belong, and I've actually made this one before, quite a while ago. (The finished product can be seen on Deviant Art, at this link. ) The version I stitched is a bit sloppy, though, so I cleaned the pattern up for posting here. At any rate, I hope that you guys enjoy this pattern, and I'll be posting more cross stitch patterns later in the week, quite possibly on dorky subjects.

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