Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time For a Pokemon Trainer

Hello! It's Sunday, which is usually sort of a lazy day, so I've just prepared 3 patterns to post here. All of them are from different sources, and none of them are directly related to any games that SNK developed, so it ought to be a change of pace for this blog. As I said in my last post, I'm going to get these patterns started with some Pokemon. It's not a pattern of an actual Pokemon, but is rather of May in the Emerald trainer type of outfit that she popped up with on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. (Don't you love having really specific patterns to work with?) This used to be on Little Mojo's much missed anime cross stitch patterns page, and I have stitched this before, on weird and slightly slick vinyl Aida. It can be seen at , over on my Deviant Art page. I made some changes to the pattern since then, so her head scarf thing doesn't look so weird in terms of the colors used, so if you make it, please don't be alarmed and frightened when there's white where the light blue used to be. I probably would be, so I just thought I'd warn you guys, too. Anyway, here's the pattern for today, and I hope that you check back soon for more positively heart-pounding and nail biting cross stitch patterns!

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