Friday, June 19, 2009

Watchmen Cross Stitch Is Great For Home Decor!

Welcome to a new day of posting on Dork Stitch! I'd planned to update yesterday, but after some bad storms the night before, we spent yesterday morning with the power off, throwing the day off sufficiently enough that working on new patterns involved a lot more bad reality TV and Metroid: Zero Mission than it would for most people. Today, however, I took quite a few patterns from my laptop and put them on here for the purpose of this blog. The first of these, contained in today's post, is what, for lack of a less verbose term, I'm going to label as the Watchmen logo. This was designed for my sister's birthday in September, and she needlepointed a really spiffy version of this, which can be seen at

Anyway, I hope that you guys like this pattern, and I'll be back to post more soon, with some Atari 2600 stuff, weird anime mascots, and even another Watchmen pattern coming up. It sounds like such a party, doesn't it? As always, if you make the pattern, send me a link to it so that I can post it here for everyone to see!

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