Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Gotten So Bad The Patterns Aren't Even From Real KOF Games Today

Hello! This weekend is the X-Games, which means that I will get more crafts done this weekend than I do through the whole of most weeks. Something about watching people use wheels to do really stupid things entices me to sit in front of the TV with whatever craft I'm doing a lot of at the moment and crank things out at an alarming speed. This information is, of course, totally irrelevant, since it doesn't have a thing to do with my posting patterns or anything of the sort. In keeping with the topic of objects of my misfocused attention, however, it seemed like a good day to post some new SNK patterns.

The patterns that you see above are 8-bit versions of Mai Shiranui from a bootlegged NES version of King of Fighters '99. This idea got into my head earlier in the week, when my sister asked me if I'd heard of them. This led to me doing all sorts of research and NES rom searching until I was able to remove graphics from the games on Paint Shop Pro. It is true that it has gotten to the point that it is no longer dorky enough for me to simply cross stitch Mai from a game that exists. I now feel compelled to cross stitch her from a totally unplayable and unlicensed version of a game that's actually good, simply because it looks older, making the whole thing even more ridiculous.

The reason that I'm posting these on here, however, instead of just adding her to my massive pile of patterns to make, is that because of the simplicity of the sprites, these patterns are really customizable. If you don't like that she has enough cleavage showing to suffocate a man, it's easy to make her collar more modest by changing a few pixels around and have a more standard girl in something resembling a kimono that's about to kill you. The four floss color schemes are also easy to switch around, so that you can make her your favorite color scheme from actual King of Fighters games, or make up something totally new. I'm leaning towards making a blue haired Mai in some sort of pastel outfit, but that's just me. Lastly, if you're feeling especially ambitious, you may notice that I have the two Mai patterns set up so that you can cross stitch them fighting, just to add some senseless violence to your home decor.

I also found bootlegged versions NES of Street Fighter and Tekken, which also have 8-bit fighter sprites which may eventually find their way here. For now, however, I have some chibi Fatal Fury stuff and a Fire Emblem pattern ready to go, with more patterns waiting to be made. If any of you decide to cross stitch these Mai patterns, please let me now, as it would be among the best things ever. Either way, have a good weekend and I shall post again after some unspecified time frame has passed!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Lucky Star Collection Comes To A Shocking End!

Actually, the end to the Lucky Star set of patterns isn't shocking at all. As one might expect, it is ending with a pattern of Konata, the last of the four main characters to have a cross stitch pattern on here. I thought that I ought to have a title that grabbed everyone's attention, though, so things were built up to be a lot more exciting than they really are.

This pattern, like the rest of the Lucky Star patterns, was formerly on Little Mojo's anime cross stitch patterns site, along with a really nice stitched version of it that someone named Lorraine had done. I printed the image when it was posted, but I never saved it, so I don't have her finished version to post now. I do, however, have my own finished version of this at, in case you want to see what it looks like when it's completed. (I want to get more of that blue fabric sometime. Garish is fun.)

I don't really have anything exciting and bubbly to say today, other than that if you decide to stitch these, send me an e-mail or comment and your accomplishment shall be promptly celebrated! Also, at about 1 last night, I got online after a 2D fighting game marathon and did some patterns for Fatal Fury and Fire Emblem, so those are upcoming on Dork Stitch! I'm sure everyone reading this bubbles with joy at the news.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Instant Noodles and Pokemon Patterns

Hello! Today at my house we all got to dig around for whatever we wanted to eat for lunch, and I ended up having some instant noodles straight from Japan that were "wonton soup" flavored, which involved having flounder and prawn flavoring. This leads me to believe that wonton soup is different in other countries than it is for all of us sissies in America. For the first two-thirds of the noodles, they tasted exactly like every other kind of instant noodle, except for the fact that the noodle itself was thinner and less yellow than standard ramen. Towards the end of the bowl, though, everything tasted like nothing but fish, and I ended up drinking a can of cherry coke really fast to cancel how strange it tasted. I'd had ramen a lot worse than that one before, but it was really strange. The noodles would be really good in the totally inauthentic spicy Thai ramen that they sell for 99 cents, though.

Anyway, I'm sure all of you are reading this for the cross stitch pattern, so here you go. Today's pattern is a Psyduck, recolored from its sprite in Pokemon Red/Blue, and if I didn't sort of dislike doing projects that were totally yellow, I probably would have made it already. Psyduck is the very definition of a Pokemon suited for cross stitching, and if I had any idea what I meant by that sentence, I'd be glad to elaborate further. The pattern isn't too large, so it wouldn't be a major project, and it's not too small, so it wouldn't be too minor to bother with. I hope that you guys like him, and I'll be back and posting again soon with the final pattern in the Lucky Star set. After that, I have to make some new patterns, but that should go fairly well, too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Lucky Star Rubbish

Hello! Yesterday was a bad day for me in terms of the internet, but today, things seem to have improved. Blogger isn't acting bizarre and the job skills database is being cooperative, so things are much better. With that in mind, I am posting a new pattern for today, though its former home on Little Mojo's site stops it from being that new, featuring Miyuki from Lucky Star.

This pattern is much smaller than the two that I posted for the Hiragii sisters earlier in the week, and I'm pretty sure that it has less colors, too. I'm really fond of this pattern, though, because Miyuki is one of my favorite characters from the show and the poofy pink hair looks really fun to stitch. There's some backstitching here, used to keep the pattern at a manageable size, but it's nothing too elaborate, and I think 3 of the 4 Lucky Star patterns I have for this blog are like that, anyway. For some reason, Tsukasa didn't look as atrocious with fully stitched eyebrows as the other girls did.

I am not full of the exciting chatter today, so I think I'm going to go load some CDs marketed towards 12-year old girls onto my iPod and see about making some new cross stitch patterns. I only have 3 left on reserve, and stretching them out too long could lead to apocalypse inducing trauma. (I bet you guys weren't aware of just how important to the balance of the universe this blog really is, were you?)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Dracky Appears!

Hello! I am having a strange internet day, so I probably won't be too chatty with my post today. Blogger is telling me that my blog has no followers, which is minor in the overall scope of things, but the fact that my job searching profile has deleted half of my criteria visible to employers is slightly more important. Therefore, I am not currently thinking of a lot to say in regards to the cross stitch pattern that I'm posting today. I do, however, have one to post, although it's sort of an odd one.

Today's Dork Stitch pattern is a Dracky from Dragon Warrior, or Dragon Quest, depending on what year or country you're in, so all of you that have ever wanted to stitch an odd looking cartoon bat are in luck! I've been playing Dragon Quest on my DS a lot lately, so it seemed like an appropriate post to make, and the fact that I have a couple of slimes posted makes it so the pattern isn't totally inexplicable. Plus, the color count is low enough that if you wanted to make it with Perler beads or use it for needlepoint, it would be quite easy. I'm strongly considering making this myself, since it amuses me, and I would really like to see it if any of the rest of you decide to make it, too!

Anyway, it looks like I have my job searching stuff under control, and I have more patterns on the way for you later in the week! There's nothing else ready to go quite like Dracky, but for all I know, that might be a positive point.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Look, Look! Someone Made One of the Patterns!

Hello! I just played King of Fighters ('98 and XI, in case you were curious, which I'm sure all of you were) for two hours straight, so I have to apologize in advance for any incoherence. Tonight, however, Dork Stitch has a reason to celebrate, as one of the patterns posted here has been completed by someone other than myself! My lovely sister, who goes by indieposernerd on Deviant Art, needlepointed one of the Iori patterns that I posted a couple of weeks ago.

For a larger version of the image, as well as the artist's comments, you should look at her posting of this on Deviant Art, at The pieces shown here, however (with Terry Bogard at the left) are actually magnets. She needlepointed the patterns onto 10-count plastic canvas with craft thread, trimmed them, and stuck magnets to the back of them, which I think is quite cool. She has more magnet sets in her gallery, including some nice Nintendo and Bubble Bobble ones, so if you want to see more, you should check her page out!

Anyway, I should be posting tommorrow with some new cross stitch patterns, from Pokemon, Lucky Star, Dragon Warrior/Quest, or perhaps even Fire Emblem, if I get the tiny pattern I've been working on set up. I haven't quite decided what'll go up yet, so it'll be a magical mystery for all involved. With that, I shall conclude the misguided task of writing a blog at 1am and wish all of you a good tommorrow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lucky Star Patterns- Volume 1

Hello! Yesterday ended up being a busy day, with a trip to Iowa for tacos and an incident with church people that ended up taking too much time, so I didn't post here yesterday, as I'd planned to do. This afternoon, however, things are back to being uneventful, so I have two patterns for all of you reading this today. The patterns that I'm posting aren't actually new ones, as they were formerly posted on Little Mojo's famed site, "Anime Cross Stitch Patterns." I am, however, very fond of the set they came from, since it's the first that I ever completed, and they are small enough that I could easily format them to match the rest of the patterns on this blog. Therefore, without further ado, I present you with patterns of the Hiragii sisters from Lucky Star.

These patterns were made from images that I scanned from an article in PiQ Magazine, the short lived replacement for Newtype, and while I haven't made either of them before, I'd really like to at some point. I like the pattern of Kagami better, I think, but the Tsukasa one is nice, too, and a bit bigger if you're looking for a slightly larger project to do. If you decide to do either one of them, though, I'd love to see how they turn out! I bet it would look better than that ridiculously expensive wallet with the picture of them singing karaoke on it that they sell at Borders, and it would be much less pricey to produce.

Anyway, I have to continue waiting for my request on a state website to be processed, so I'm done with this blog for today, but I hope to be back later in the week with more free cross stitch patterns for you!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Come On, I Didn't Want That Pokemon!

Hello! I hadn't really intended to post anything today, but earlier in the afternoon, Army of Darkness was on and I'd watched it last month, so I decided to get on the magical internet. However, I didn't really have any objective in mind after the computer was actually on, so I ended up formatting 7 new patterns to post here. I'm probably only going to post one at a time, to see how long I can stretch out what I've already done and stave off the inevitable next round of recolored NGPC King of Fighters sprites. I am rather fond of what's ready to go, though, so I will get to the actual pattern.

Today's pattern is of an old friend to many of us, particularly those of us who play any of the Super Smash Bros. games. I think that in several matches, there comes a time when you're very close to winning, but need that extra knock-off to put you over the edge. Almost as if the game has heard your desires, a Pokeball lands at your feet, ready to be thrown and get to decimating your opponent. You press the button to make your character lift the item, then jump into position to toss it at your opponent, throwing it, hearing the Pokeball sound effect, and then, suddenly, seeing a Goldeen pop out and flail around on the ground, leaving you next to the opponent and ready to get kicked in the face.

Despite the fact that Goldeen is not that useful and the bane of many Smash Bros. matches, I actually quite like the Pokemon, and think that the light blues and oranges should come out nicely when stitched. When I was recoloring this sprite, it took me a while to get the spots right, but I think they ended up looking quite a lot like the anime version of the Pokemon. If any of you guys decide to stitch this, I hope that it goes well for you. I'll be posting again soon with another new member of my pattern reserves!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dogtato Is Sooooo 1815.

Earlier today, I was driving about town like the gallivanting lass that I am, when I chanced to visit a friend of mine, known to those on Deviant Art as Darkknightlady. We had a grand time chatting about old friends and humoring her tame dog, but as we spoke, I recalled that in the past, she had taken the time to stitch a piece that I'd designed, of that funny chap Dogtato. Oh, Dogtato was possessor of the strangest anime, with a veritable menagerie of peers that crossed the line between vegetation and animal. He always did have a sunny disposition, though, and the tots watching his program always came away with a solid lesson about how their lives ought to be conducted.

Darkknightlady's finished piece can be viewed at , and I do suggest you take a gander at it. The piece is most charming. Some slight discrepancies exist between her completed piece and the pattern provided, as her fabric was behaving in an unruly fashion, forcing her to shorten our dear Dogtato's tail. The differences, however, are slight, and worked out to be quite aesthetically pleasing.

Dear reader, if you venture to complete this project, I do implore that you send post with an image of your accomplishment. I'd be most pleased to pass along news of what you'd managed to do to the other readers of this correspondence.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Sorry, The Princess Is On Another Fabric....

Hello, everyone out there in internet world! I know it probably hasn't been, but it seems to me like it's been a while since I last posted. I don't really have anything to make up for that, but I do have the pattern of Princess Toadstool, as was promised in my last post!

This is the largest pattern posted on the blog so far, at around 50 by 70 stitches, and it has quite a few colors, too. I'm probably going to make it, though, just because Princess Toadstool is awesome. (The picture the pattern is based on is from an NES Mario game instruction book- 3, I think- so that's why I'm calling her Toadstool instead of Peach. I think the biggest difference is that Toadstool has a massive head, while Peach is always making cakes.) When I was in first and second grade, I had some elaborate game constructed called Power Princesses where myself and whatever friend I could convince to play with me were Toadstool's super-powered assistants, rescuing her when Mario just couldn't do the job. If I remember correctly, my super-power was being awesome at roller skating, so my imaginary Princess Toadstool obviously wasn't very good at picking people with supernatural gifts to protect her. I never ended up pretending to let her imaginary-die, though, so the roller skating must have been adequate.

Anyway, I hope that you guys like the Princess Toadstool pattern! I have some more stuff to post, including wild photos from a cross stitch standee photoshoot and piles of new patterns, but until then, I hope that you guys have a good week, and if you stitch any of the patterns from this blog, send in a photo or a link to one and I will tout your fine accomplishments to the world!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Plan Got Out Of Hand

Hello! Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to recolor some sprites and make a pattern of Iori from the King of Fighters series for my sister, since she finds him to be amusing. After digging through the Neo Geo Pocket sprites I had for the character, though, I ended up with 4 patterns of him. I don't know what I can say about these, other than that if you're an Iori fan, you might like these patterns. If not, you should stick around anyway, because this totally ends up with a guy in a schoolgirl outfit riding a motor scooter.

This is the first of the Iori patterns, and the most normal of them by being the only normal one. The sprite was sort of fun to recolor, even though I had some sort of mental freeze when trying to figure out how his shirt worked. Mostly, though, this sprite is only here as a formality, to introduce what I did next.

This is the second pattern of Iori I ended up making yesterday, showing him in a saucy moment. I was thrilled when I saw this sprite, since it means I have something else to make when I stitch the Saucy Ken from a few posts back. This is my favorite pattern of the set, but it is not where I stopped my work for the day.

This is the third pattern of Iori, depicting him in a girl's school uniform, which actually isn't as inexplicable as it seems. In one game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, SNK Gals Fighter, the story of the game is that there was a Queen of Fighters tournament, where only girls could enter, and Iori was the final boss. Of course, this means he had to put on a dress and go by Miss X.

Actually, that doesn't make much sense at all, but the school uniform is in a really pretty floss color. Threads in light purple always look quite nice. Plus, it leads into the fourth pattern of my mad sprite recoloring spree.

See? I told you this would end in a guy in a schoolgirl outfit riding a motor scooter! Opportunities like this don't come up often, do they?

Anyway, if you guys stuck with this post for this long, I can inform you that for my next post, I have a 49 stitch wide and 72 stitch high pattern of Princess Toadstool using 17 colors, which might make up for the fact that I just posted 4 patterns of the same King of Fighters character from games for a system that not many people own. Personally, I don't think it'll be nearly as awesome, but it's all a matter of taste.

If, by any chance, any of you decide to make any of today's Iori patterns, then please send me a picture of your finished work so that I have an excuse to write about how weird it is that these sprites existed in the first place. It would be really cool to see these finished, too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kid Icarus Patterns Without Pit Are Thrilling!

Hello! I haven't posted for the last few days, mostly because I've been lazy, but I am back after my sprawling 4 day hiatus and ready to post an explosive new pattern. It's really sort of sad that I feel ready for that, though, because what I have to post today is a pattern of Palutena, Goddess of Light from Kid Icarus. (Really, I don't have anything against her, but it's not a pattern of Marth chugging a pitcher of beer while his subjects scream in fear of a dragon in the background, so it's not the sort of "explosive" pattern I'd envisioned.) I've been working on some patterns of Nintendo girls, and even though I have one pretty major one finished and almost ready to go, I decided to start with some less common characters so that it would be really impressive to have a largely recognizable one by the end of the whole ordeal. I actually quite like this pattern, though, since I like how detailed she is for an NES sprite. I edited it some, because the one shade of green used in the original looked really weird, and I added a black outline, too, just because it seemed like a good plan at the time. It's not the most thrilling pattern in the world, but I've made Pit so many times (3, to be exact, which is a lot for the main character of a game that makes me want to shove a controller through the TV) that it seemed like I ought to make Palutena, too.

Anyway, I should be posting more later this week, including more Nintendo girls and SNK stuff, which I imagine would be so suprising that all of will hyperventilate in sheer shock if they were posted. For now, though, thanks for reading, and have a good remainder of the week!

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd is Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day for 2009!

Hello! I haven't posted for the last couple of days, since I think the Street Fighter movie temporarily depleted my ability to make sentences. For the most part, however, I'm over that now and have a new pattern to post! As always, I have everyone's favorite from everyone's favorite game, which you wouldn't think would be such a big category. Heal Slime from Dragon Warrior/ Dragon Quest certainly fits that bill, though, and if you inexplicably need a pattern of a friendly jellyfish, it also happens to fill that niche. The pattern is a little bigger than a sprite, since I scanned in the picture from the strategy guide to the GBC version of Dragon Warrior I and II, but I also tried to keep the color count a bit low, so that gathering the thread wouldn't be a massive commitment.

If you do decide to make this charming little wobbly monster, send over a pic and I'll write of your exalted achievement! Otherwise, I'd like to say happy 4th of July to my US readers, happy belated Canada day to my Canadian readers (which I actually only know about from Dawn's blog), and happy any other national holidays to readers that may be in countries that will celebrate or have recently celebrated said holidays!