Saturday, July 18, 2009

Come On, I Didn't Want That Pokemon!

Hello! I hadn't really intended to post anything today, but earlier in the afternoon, Army of Darkness was on and I'd watched it last month, so I decided to get on the magical internet. However, I didn't really have any objective in mind after the computer was actually on, so I ended up formatting 7 new patterns to post here. I'm probably only going to post one at a time, to see how long I can stretch out what I've already done and stave off the inevitable next round of recolored NGPC King of Fighters sprites. I am rather fond of what's ready to go, though, so I will get to the actual pattern.

Today's pattern is of an old friend to many of us, particularly those of us who play any of the Super Smash Bros. games. I think that in several matches, there comes a time when you're very close to winning, but need that extra knock-off to put you over the edge. Almost as if the game has heard your desires, a Pokeball lands at your feet, ready to be thrown and get to decimating your opponent. You press the button to make your character lift the item, then jump into position to toss it at your opponent, throwing it, hearing the Pokeball sound effect, and then, suddenly, seeing a Goldeen pop out and flail around on the ground, leaving you next to the opponent and ready to get kicked in the face.

Despite the fact that Goldeen is not that useful and the bane of many Smash Bros. matches, I actually quite like the Pokemon, and think that the light blues and oranges should come out nicely when stitched. When I was recoloring this sprite, it took me a while to get the spots right, but I think they ended up looking quite a lot like the anime version of the Pokemon. If any of you guys decide to stitch this, I hope that it goes well for you. I'll be posting again soon with another new member of my pattern reserves!

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