Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dogtato Is Sooooo 1815.

Earlier today, I was driving about town like the gallivanting lass that I am, when I chanced to visit a friend of mine, known to those on Deviant Art as Darkknightlady. We had a grand time chatting about old friends and humoring her tame dog, but as we spoke, I recalled that in the past, she had taken the time to stitch a piece that I'd designed, of that funny chap Dogtato. Oh, Dogtato was possessor of the strangest anime, with a veritable menagerie of peers that crossed the line between vegetation and animal. He always did have a sunny disposition, though, and the tots watching his program always came away with a solid lesson about how their lives ought to be conducted.

Darkknightlady's finished piece can be viewed at , and I do suggest you take a gander at it. The piece is most charming. Some slight discrepancies exist between her completed piece and the pattern provided, as her fabric was behaving in an unruly fashion, forcing her to shorten our dear Dogtato's tail. The differences, however, are slight, and worked out to be quite aesthetically pleasing.

Dear reader, if you venture to complete this project, I do implore that you send post with an image of your accomplishment. I'd be most pleased to pass along news of what you'd managed to do to the other readers of this correspondence.

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