Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Dracky Appears!

Hello! I am having a strange internet day, so I probably won't be too chatty with my post today. Blogger is telling me that my blog has no followers, which is minor in the overall scope of things, but the fact that my job searching profile has deleted half of my criteria visible to employers is slightly more important. Therefore, I am not currently thinking of a lot to say in regards to the cross stitch pattern that I'm posting today. I do, however, have one to post, although it's sort of an odd one.

Today's Dork Stitch pattern is a Dracky from Dragon Warrior, or Dragon Quest, depending on what year or country you're in, so all of you that have ever wanted to stitch an odd looking cartoon bat are in luck! I've been playing Dragon Quest on my DS a lot lately, so it seemed like an appropriate post to make, and the fact that I have a couple of slimes posted makes it so the pattern isn't totally inexplicable. Plus, the color count is low enough that if you wanted to make it with Perler beads or use it for needlepoint, it would be quite easy. I'm strongly considering making this myself, since it amuses me, and I would really like to see it if any of the rest of you decide to make it, too!

Anyway, it looks like I have my job searching stuff under control, and I have more patterns on the way for you later in the week! There's nothing else ready to go quite like Dracky, but for all I know, that might be a positive point.


  1. I have 2 dragon quest games!! One for the DS and one for the playstation!!
    I wish they would make a new one!! :P

    Not sure if you seen this before???

  2. You have 10 followers!! :P

  3. Nawww i <3 dragon quest for the ps2, tis one of my fave turn based games.
    The music is awesome too.

  4. Awesome CrossStitch :D Used it to make a Huge dracky in minecraft :D