Monday, July 27, 2009

Instant Noodles and Pokemon Patterns

Hello! Today at my house we all got to dig around for whatever we wanted to eat for lunch, and I ended up having some instant noodles straight from Japan that were "wonton soup" flavored, which involved having flounder and prawn flavoring. This leads me to believe that wonton soup is different in other countries than it is for all of us sissies in America. For the first two-thirds of the noodles, they tasted exactly like every other kind of instant noodle, except for the fact that the noodle itself was thinner and less yellow than standard ramen. Towards the end of the bowl, though, everything tasted like nothing but fish, and I ended up drinking a can of cherry coke really fast to cancel how strange it tasted. I'd had ramen a lot worse than that one before, but it was really strange. The noodles would be really good in the totally inauthentic spicy Thai ramen that they sell for 99 cents, though.

Anyway, I'm sure all of you are reading this for the cross stitch pattern, so here you go. Today's pattern is a Psyduck, recolored from its sprite in Pokemon Red/Blue, and if I didn't sort of dislike doing projects that were totally yellow, I probably would have made it already. Psyduck is the very definition of a Pokemon suited for cross stitching, and if I had any idea what I meant by that sentence, I'd be glad to elaborate further. The pattern isn't too large, so it wouldn't be a major project, and it's not too small, so it wouldn't be too minor to bother with. I hope that you guys like him, and I'll be back and posting again soon with the final pattern in the Lucky Star set. After that, I have to make some new patterns, but that should go fairly well, too.

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  1. I think I would of kept on searching when I saw flounder and prawn flavoring -- ha ha!!
    If I eat noodles-- they have to be spicy kind only! They are never hot enough so I end up putting in more spices!!

    Cool Psyduck!!