Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Gotten So Bad The Patterns Aren't Even From Real KOF Games Today

Hello! This weekend is the X-Games, which means that I will get more crafts done this weekend than I do through the whole of most weeks. Something about watching people use wheels to do really stupid things entices me to sit in front of the TV with whatever craft I'm doing a lot of at the moment and crank things out at an alarming speed. This information is, of course, totally irrelevant, since it doesn't have a thing to do with my posting patterns or anything of the sort. In keeping with the topic of objects of my misfocused attention, however, it seemed like a good day to post some new SNK patterns.

The patterns that you see above are 8-bit versions of Mai Shiranui from a bootlegged NES version of King of Fighters '99. This idea got into my head earlier in the week, when my sister asked me if I'd heard of them. This led to me doing all sorts of research and NES rom searching until I was able to remove graphics from the games on Paint Shop Pro. It is true that it has gotten to the point that it is no longer dorky enough for me to simply cross stitch Mai from a game that exists. I now feel compelled to cross stitch her from a totally unplayable and unlicensed version of a game that's actually good, simply because it looks older, making the whole thing even more ridiculous.

The reason that I'm posting these on here, however, instead of just adding her to my massive pile of patterns to make, is that because of the simplicity of the sprites, these patterns are really customizable. If you don't like that she has enough cleavage showing to suffocate a man, it's easy to make her collar more modest by changing a few pixels around and have a more standard girl in something resembling a kimono that's about to kill you. The four floss color schemes are also easy to switch around, so that you can make her your favorite color scheme from actual King of Fighters games, or make up something totally new. I'm leaning towards making a blue haired Mai in some sort of pastel outfit, but that's just me. Lastly, if you're feeling especially ambitious, you may notice that I have the two Mai patterns set up so that you can cross stitch them fighting, just to add some senseless violence to your home decor.

I also found bootlegged versions NES of Street Fighter and Tekken, which also have 8-bit fighter sprites which may eventually find their way here. For now, however, I have some chibi Fatal Fury stuff and a Fire Emblem pattern ready to go, with more patterns waiting to be made. If any of you decide to cross stitch these Mai patterns, please let me now, as it would be among the best things ever. Either way, have a good weekend and I shall post again after some unspecified time frame has passed!

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