Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kid Icarus Patterns Without Pit Are Thrilling!

Hello! I haven't posted for the last few days, mostly because I've been lazy, but I am back after my sprawling 4 day hiatus and ready to post an explosive new pattern. It's really sort of sad that I feel ready for that, though, because what I have to post today is a pattern of Palutena, Goddess of Light from Kid Icarus. (Really, I don't have anything against her, but it's not a pattern of Marth chugging a pitcher of beer while his subjects scream in fear of a dragon in the background, so it's not the sort of "explosive" pattern I'd envisioned.) I've been working on some patterns of Nintendo girls, and even though I have one pretty major one finished and almost ready to go, I decided to start with some less common characters so that it would be really impressive to have a largely recognizable one by the end of the whole ordeal. I actually quite like this pattern, though, since I like how detailed she is for an NES sprite. I edited it some, because the one shade of green used in the original looked really weird, and I added a black outline, too, just because it seemed like a good plan at the time. It's not the most thrilling pattern in the world, but I've made Pit so many times (3, to be exact, which is a lot for the main character of a game that makes me want to shove a controller through the TV) that it seemed like I ought to make Palutena, too.

Anyway, I should be posting more later this week, including more Nintendo girls and SNK stuff, which I imagine would be so suprising that all of will hyperventilate in sheer shock if they were posted. For now, though, thanks for reading, and have a good remainder of the week!

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