Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can't Somebody Else Tell He's A Robot?

\Hello! Thank you for putting up with my last post, fluffy as it was. I know that this is a patterns blog, but the other day, something seemed very appealing about posting photos of a cross stitched version of Link looking at stuff. Today, however, I have an actual pattern, depicting Mechazawa of Cromartie High. Cromartie High is probably not the most common anime to have cross stitch patterns from, considering how pretty all of the characters are. It is pretty funny, though, and the box set was 15 dollars at Best Buy, so I was watching it with my siblings, which led to this pattern. (I'd seen some of it before when Tech TV used to run anime, but they'd always play the episode with the subtitles for a different episode as the closed captioning, which was irritating.)

Mechazawa is the character that ended up getting turned into a pattern because when I was looking through the characters, he seemed like the one best suited to a cross stitch pattern. Plus, I like the idea of a high school hoodlum being a robot that doesn't know he's a robot, so the character got extra points for that, too. In terms of stitching, though, I think this pattern would be really easy to do. The eyes are the only part with any major details, and even those are pretty minimal and easy to simplify in a pinch. You'd have to have an amazing tolerance for stitching massive amounts of gray thread to finish this, but I think it would work out well in the end. If any of you decide to make this, I think it would be pretty cool as a menacing piece to hang in your bathroom for the purpose of terrifying guests.

I must format some new patterns to post here, meaning that Mechazawa is all I have to offer for today, but I am hoping that my upcoming patterns are suitable for you, my dear readers. (How was that for overly sentimental prose?) I hope that won't take too long, though, and I'll be back to posting more stuff that is dorky and related to cross stitching soon!

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  1. Hello. I bought this series from for cheap as well. Good pick for a pattern although I wouldn't mind Freddie.