Saturday, August 29, 2009

Everyone, Look! They're So Pretty!

Hello! The "so pretty" in this post's title does not apply to the gold star that I suspect will pop up in this entry's thumbnail, but rather to some really spiffy cross stitching of this blog's patterns done by Kinoethermes of Deviant Art that is the focus of today's post! First of all, I have to start by saying that when e-mailing me about these patterns, Kinoethermes sent me .html for putting the images in my blog, which might be among the coolest things ever. I knew that such things existed, but it is truly mystical to see it in my inbox and ready to use.

For the first of the two completed pieces that Kinoethermes has stitched, I have chosen to use Brainy Smurf, which I could logically say was done because the pattern is older, therefore giving him seniority. Really, though, I'm just putting it first because it's Brainy Smurfing Smurf, and also because the "Papa Smurf always says..." embroidered at the bottom rings through my head in his nasally little Smurf voice when I see this.

Not to be outdone, however, is Kinoethermes stitched version of the recent pattern of Ponyo's sister. This is, as Brainy Smurf also is, neatly stitched onto really nice Aida cloth, and done with what seems to be impressive speed. I really love the half stitches used for the body, though, since it gives the project a really nifty and pretty texture.

If you're a fellow Deviant Art user, both of these stitchings can be found for commenting and faving at Kinoethermes' Deviant Art gallery, which was linked to at the start of the post. For her impressive work, however, I have decided to award her with the first ever Dork Stitch Gold Star, lovingly rendered in MS Paint in five minutes of painstaking labor, split only with the task of actually writing this blog. Huzzah, Kinoethermes!

Anyway, I am off for now, but check back soon for more patterns and more dazzling commentary on said patterns! Thank you for looking at the stitching displayed here, and have a good weekend!

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  1. Hey, Missy. Thanks for the lovely gold star. Yay, I got the first one!