Monday, August 3, 2009

Fatal Fury Is Only Made Deadlier With Needles

Hello! I've been online for a while now, and just finished doing some job seeking stuff, so I decided that the only way to top off that excitement was to grace the world of blogging with another lovely cross stitching pattern! Actually, lovely might not be the word for today's pattern, seeing as it could be considered a strange word to describe the cast of the first Fatal Fury, or any early 90s fighting game, but it might provide some amusement to the lot of you.

This pattern depicts Fatal Fury's Joe, Terry, and Andy (from left to right) using sprites from Neo Geo Pocket games. I recolored them all, since the colors on the original sprites were really limited, but tried to keep the color count low enough that it wouldn't be frustrating for people using craft thread or Perler beads, or those who don't like switching colors a lot while stitching. I also tried to select poses that made it look like they were ready to punch you, the kind stitcher, in the face, though I'm afraid that Andy looks mildly irritated rather than ready to toss the crime lord that killed his father out of a window. My attempts to recreate the original game's character selection screen in chibi format didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped, but having all three of the fighters accounted for is really more than I'd expected of myself at the time of making this.

If you guys decide to make this, feel free to send me a link or photo, since I'd love to see it. Otherwise, I'll be posting again before too long with more fun and dorkariffic cross stitch patterns!

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