Monday, August 17, 2009

I Know It's Another Fighting Game Post, But I Promise It's Sort of Cute

Hello! I'm posting after midnight again, so I can't promise any coherence, but I wanted to start my post by saying thank you to everyone who comments on this blog and watches it or reads it. I can't respond to comments directly on here, which I think might be the biggest problem with Blogger, but I really appreciate all of the comments and everything. It's really cool to know that you guys have been reading and looking at what's been posted here.

Of course, even though I was sincere about all of that, I'm about to go completely against the whole idea of reader appreciation by posting more King of Fighters patterns. This set, however, instead of being all aggressive and scantily clad, features the game's most gosh-darned cute combatant, Athena. I could say a lot about the character, but it's late and I'm losing my grasp of how sentences work, so I just have to say that there's always something awesome about making the tiny schoolgirl with brightly colored hair use cute and sparkly magical powers to beat up a big burfy guy. Keeping that in mind, I will post my ever-so-lovely patterns of Athena.

This first pattern is a little more elaborate than some of the stuff here, but the sprite was cute, and it seemed like it could have a purpose beyond that of fans of fighting games stitching it. After all, rampant consumerism is always popular, especially if it's a tiny anime girl indulging in it. Still, when I was recoloring this sprite, I tried to keep the outfits that Athena has consistent with some of her in-game color schemes. The blue color scheme is in most King of Fighters games, and the pink schoolgirl outfit is one of the alternate colors that she has in XI. (I know that this sprite was made before XI came out, but I've been playing it a lot lately, so it seemed like a good choice.)

This second pattern of Athena is not as fancy as the first, but as such, it's also easier to stitch, so it has its advantages. I used the blue color scheme for this one because I like it better than the red one, but if you'd rather stitch Athena in her red outfit, it should be very easy to simply switch out the blue floss for red.

Anyway, I would like to thank you all for putting up with another character specific fighting game post, as I am quitting this whole writing business for the evening while I'm still ahead. If any of you decide to stitch any of the projects on this blog, I'd love to see them and show your accomplishments to the world! I hope all of you have a good week and I'll hopefully be posting more within it with more of the patterns made in the brutal cute rampage that I went on last week.

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