Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Think That The Whole Sudden Kim Possible Pattern Makes Perfect Sense!

Hello! I am sort of out of it tonight, despite the fact that it's only midnight and I'm not coming off of any rounds of fighting games, so I apologize in advance if this posting makes no sense. When I've been making patterns lately, though, I've felt like Dork Stitch is not quite living up to its promise of delivering cross stitch patterns for a variety of dorkdoms. I think the video games thing is pretty well covered, if you're into SNK or Nintendo, and there's some anime stuff, too. What hasn't yet been tackled, however, is US animation, which I don't mean to discriminate against at all. Therefore, tonight I am posting a pattern of Kim Possible, from her self titled Disney Channel show.

Since I haven't done many non-anime/video game patterns before, I feel like this might be a bit off, but I liked making it. It was interesting to do the big blocks of color, which I think will be easy to stitch, and I like the different outline colors, too. I have some blue fabric that this might look nice on, so I'm thinking of stitching it soon, and if you guys want to as well, I'd love to see it!

I feel very incoherent, so I think I will go before I start extolling the virtues of Smarties, especially if half the roll is eaten at once. Next time, however, I will post some of the patterns I keep promising at the end of these posts. I hope all of you have a good week, too!

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