Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look, Everyone, It's A Dancin' Pig!

Hello! I haven't blogged for a few days, and I have to say that if Pangya, an online golf game I play, hadn't been doing maintenance tonight, I probably would have waited until tommorrow to post. As it is, however, I have an hour until the 11pm rerun of The Young and the Restless, so posting cross stitch seemed like a decent thing to do.

Today's free cross stitch pattern is a little more obscure than usual, even considering that I regularly post sets of patterns for King of Fighters characters, but I'm hoping that the cuteness of it can transcend that it's a character from an anime that was on ABC Family's weekend morning block. The anime that it's from is Tokyo Pig, which is one of the awesome-est anime that was on TV in the US. It was about a grade school boy who was friends with a magical pig that made whatever he drew in his journal come to life. This often led to monsters and explosions and wanton violence, sometimes involving meteorologists kidnapped by demons or the parents of the child plotting to eat him. It was also directed by Shinichi Wantanabe, who did Excel Saga, meaning that one of the kid's classmates was Nabeshin from the aforementioned and much more R-rated cartoon, and that may have also contributed to the show being so loopy. At any rate, I think that Tokyo Pig was wildly underappreciated and should have been watched by more than 4 people.

Anyway, after my, "Oh my God, people! Why must you not like the same anime as me?!" rant, I will actually post the pattern. This is Sunny, the pig of the show's title, doing his magical pig dance that was in each episode. Since the show seemed to have sort of a low animation budget, the pattern is pretty simple and uses a few pink DMC flosses that should be easy to switch around or substitute if it becomes neccessary. It would also be good to needlepoint, I think, which I might try doing on some 7 count canvas.

If any of you decide to make Sunny Pig, send me a picture and I will tout your work as a landmark in human achievement. If not, I'll be posting more patterns soon, including bunnies, more Lucky Star stuff, and, of course, more crap from SNK fighting games. Until then, I hope that all of you are doing well and using the proper precautionary magic to keep all of your needles from becoming sentient and attacking the feet of those that you live with and care for!

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