Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No! Noooo!!!! It's A Zombie And Her Tennis Shoes Need Replaced!

Hello! Earlier this afternoon, I watched Day of the Dead with my sister, which happened not to be even close to making a very long list of my favorite movies of all time. It did, however, in conjunction with my Sanrio themed post last night, remind me of a pattern that I'd done a while ago, around the time that I was reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, of a small zombie girl. Since I wasn't sure what I should post next, I decided that this might be a good home for her. Plus, I don't have many of my original cross stitch patterns up, and even if she doesn't have direct source material, I feel that Zombie Girl is plenty dorky enough to make the cut for this blog!

As you can tell, it is a lot more backstitch heavy than the patterns that usually make it here, since the patterns I draw by hand tend to end up that way. It also has a good number of floss colors for its size, with seven of them being included. However, it is cartoonish enough that precision shouldn't really be an issue, unless you're a real stickler for your DMC toned rotting flesh, and when I stitched it, it was pretty easy, too. (The full stitched version is here, on my Deviant Art page, heart stamped Aida and all. ) Anyway, if you guys decide to stitch Zombie Girl, or any of my other patterns, let me know and I'll tell the world all about what you've done! Either way, I'm working on more stuff to post here, which will hopefully be up soon! I just have to warn you that when the new cross stitch patterns are up, we'll all have a grand time.

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