Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh, No, It's Marth!

Hello! I haven't posted much this week, and I don't really have much of an excuse for it. I haven't been that busy, I have a few patterns ready to go, and it hasn't been so hot that I can pull out the, "Oh, my, the heat is just making my dear little fingers feel too heavy to type!" excuse. Today, however, I got over 30 plastic canvas books for less than a dollar at a yard sale, saw G.I. Joe and The Hudsucker Proxy, ate a tuna sandwich, and even spent a few minutes playing an SNK fighting game, so I'm all hopped up and ready to post some patterns!

The pattern for today is of a video game character I could spend hours and hours talking crap about, as anyone in my family or the anime club that I was in could attest to. Some of my favorite personal attacks on the character include saying he's the most stylish of all the girls in the Smash Bros. games, or drawing a fanart of him criticizing the fashion sense of Disgaea's Etna, which prompts her to threaten to cut him. If you read the bold title written above this entry in a large font, you'd know that this character is Marth, who I really have no reason to say bad things about, seeing as he's a good character in Smash Bros. and that I don't dislike Fire Emblem games. I think I should just blame Captain Falcon and call it a day.

This pattern is a recolored sprite from Fire Emblem: Gaiden from the NES, with the NES part explaining the relatively small size and my odd need to make it look like the Marth of today explaining why a pattern of this size has ten colors. Posting this, however, makes me wonder why I haven't actually stitched this yet, especially since my set of cross stitch standees needs more guys in capes, and I hope that some of you like the pattern enough to make it, too.

I have a few patterns almost ready to post here in the next week or so, but I went on a bit of a cute binge, so be forewarned of that. I've also been thinking about posting some photos of my cross stitch standees here, since my collection hit 28 tonight, but it hopefully won't be too spammy when I do. Anyway, I'm about to put a new CD on my iPod and pass out on my computer desk, but I hope you all have weeks wrought with excitement of the kind that doesn't involve harm or explosions.

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  1. Hi, Missy. It's kinoethermes from devart! I don't know what plastic canvas books are but what a bargain!
    P.S. What are they? The standees medium?