Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Standee Photos and a New Patterns Site

Hello! I have some new patterns that can be posted soon, from Cromartie High, Disgaea, and some Game Boy ports of mediocre fighting games, but today seemed like a good day to do a general post here at Dork Stitch. Plus, I got a comment from Dawn the other night about the photos I'd taken of my cross stitch standees, which I'd forgotten about, and I want to post those, too, so everything seems to working out. Before I post the photos though, which there are a few of, I want to post a link to 1337xstitch , a new patterns site with an active forum that was opened earlier in the week by Deviant Art's kairi-chan16. It's just gotten started, but there are already a lot of cool patterns there, including some intensely detailed Kingdom Hearts stuff, and the fact that there's several contributors means that there ought to be a good variety of patterns. (I've submitted a few patterns that are too big for this blog, too, though my tendency to pick really odd subjects for said patterns doesn't really contribute much to the site's variety.) With this new website, Dawn's site, Anime Stitching, and a good deal of pattern blogs (a few of which are linked to on this blog's sidebar), I think the anime/video game cross stitching community is in very good condition right now! Now, of course, I'm ready to pollute it with photos of my cross stitched standees.

This image, as you can probably see, is of Link riding a mermaid (with the sprite taken from Athena, for NES) while a shady young woman (one of my own designs) watches from behind a box of casserole mix. No one knows why Link needs to ask the mermaid for a ride. Perhaps he misplaced his Zora suit and is in an embarrassing predicament. The poor boy is so quiet that we can never know what his problems are. It can, however, be said for certain that the young lady watching all of this go on is up to no good.

This image, taken by my sister (just like the rest of them) depicts a vicious firefight between the NES version of Zero Suit Samus and Metal Slug's Eri. If I had to pick one as having the upper hand, I'd say Eri has it in this image, seeing as her gun is shooting flames and she has a Goomba following her around. Those guys are vicious. Leona from King of Fighters is watching, though, and I know for a fact that she's cheering for Samus. Those SNK girls just can't get along for 10 minutes without someone making a none-too subtle attack.

This photo depicts Link standing and looking up at Leona, terrified of her massive size and evident pride in her appearance. It looks pretty straightforward at first glance, but if you take a closer look, the same mysterious girl is watching Link here as was looking on from the shadows as he rode the mermaid. I think she must be a private investigator of some sort, possibly hired by an evil genius to destroy Link.

The other photos here have stories behind them, but I'm not sure what was going on in this one. I know that Palutena from Kid Icarus (who was actually a Dork Stitch pattern!) and one of my many Athenas are giving some sort of speech, and every box of potato product in my family's kitchen provides the backdrop. The back of the Bloo that I got the pattern for from Dawn's blog is front and center, though, which may prove interesting to some, and it definitely displays the lack of expertise with which I stitch these things.

Anyway, I hope you all liked Dork Stitch "Let's Post With No Visible Substance Day," and will be back to posting patterns soon! It was fun to post these photos and I've made more standees since they were taken, though, so I might do this again at some point.

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  1. Its seems you and your sister had alot of fun!!! You guys should make a silent film-- along with the words..... and the silly music too!! :P