Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Dork Stitch's Biggest Pattern, Followed By A Stitching That I Did Of One Of the Patterns I Posted Last Time

Hello! I haven't actually done any cross stitching at all in the last day and a half, and, as such, I thought I should make a pattern or something to compensate for my lack of actually doing anything. That led to my digging through the image filled folders on my desktop until I found something that seemed somewhat appropriate, which ended in my making a really big sprite pattern from the canceled Cartoon Network series, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Show. Since I've seen Puffy Amiyumi in concert twice, bought all the merchandising for the cartoon that I could, including DVDs and games, and have an imported VCD of the band running around America and possibly kidnapping a baby, though I can't be certain that's what actually happens in that video, it seemed strange to me that I hadn't yet made a ridiculously large and somewhat difficult pattern starring the cartoon versions of Puffy.

Anyway, this is the pattern I was talking about above, at just 80 stitches tall and 93 wide. It's only 14 colors, which could be a lot worse, but still, I don't imagine that a lot of people will be making this that aren't fans of Puffy, unless they're really fond of someone that is a fan of Puffy and wouldn't be creeped out by having a giant picture of cartoon versions of the girls that don't actually look anything like them jumping into the air hoisted upon them. Still, I guess it's no less reasonable than the abundance of patterns from SNK fighting games that I put up here.

Before I leave my blog for the day, I wanted to post a finished version of the 8-bit version of Aeris from the NES Final Fantasy VII that I posted the pattern of the last time I was here. I'm not going to give myself a gold star, since all of the chocolate covered espresso beans that I've eaten since finishing this seems reward enough. I just wanted to post her as an example of what happens when you print a pattern, sit down to make it, finish it, and then get really bored upon finishing it, leading to trim and labels and such. (This can also be seen on my deviant art page, at http://missy-tannenbaum.deviantart.com/art/XStitch-Fanart-8Bit-Aeris-138498045)

Anyway, I am out of stuff to post for now, but I have more patterns to post in the future and would love to post any finished versions of the patterns here that you, my lovely readers do! Until then, have a good week and don't poke yourself in the thumb with a needle until you cry or anything!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cross Stitch Patterns of 3 Portraits From 8-Bit FFVII- This Blog Does Nothing If Not Live Up To Its Name

Hello! I just finished drafting some coverage of the Tokyo Game Show for mygamer.com, so I suspect that I may be even less coherent than usual after spending an hour taking notes on what XBox 360 games are going to be coming out. (If I understand correctly, gamers will be shooting a lot of stuff on the system in the coming year- even the RPG and Snoopy games I was looking at are firearm intensive.) On a far more low-fi note, however, I got the NES version of Final Fantasy VII running yesterday, with a very nifty English patch, and have been playing it and taking copious amounts of distortion-free screenshots in order to make piles of weird cross stitch patterns for this very blog! I'm actually enjoying the game fairly well right now, since it seems to be a straightforward RPG light on lengthy cut scenes (unlike the real version for Playstation, where the cutscenes did me in less than 10 hours in) and heavy on leveling crap up. It is a very strange gameplay experience, since I've watched the original being played, have a working knowledge of the story and characters (due to fan art and a college roommate who loved Advent Children), and have also played RPGs before, all of which sets off a slight awareness that something is slightly off about the whole thing. All it takes to get me back into my strange fascination with the game, however, is having some guy in a field tell me that he's sick of living in horrible polluted slums while standing in a field of bright green grass spotted with sunny orange flowers.

Anyway, today I've got cross stitch patterns of the dialogue box character portraits for Aeris, Tifa, and Cloud to post today. There are some bits of recoloring done on them, like adding color to eyes and clothes to make them resemble their high-falutin' PS1 cousins, as well as adding some pleasant pastel backgrounds, because I'm shallow and it seemed like that might be pretty. All of the patterns are pretty small, though, at 32x32 stitches, and the color count is pretty low, too, meaning that they are not intensive projects to stitch. I'm probably going to stitch one of them tonight, since I got some glow in the dark floss at Micheal's and am thinking it might work well as a background color.

Just like always, if you stitch any of these, I'd love to see the finished project and will make a special post about what a service your stitching is to all of humanity! With that said, the computer monitor is starting to burn a hole into my soul, so I am off to do something else. I hope you all have good weekends!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cross Stitch Patterns From Bootleg NES Ports of Games With The Intials FF

Hello! As many of you may have noticed, I have a very specific goal with tonight's blog post. Like it says in the title, I have 2 cross stitch patterns based on sprites from bootlegged NES ports of games that have the initials FF. The first pattern in this theme that I'm going to post, and probably the more interesting of the two for most of you, is from a Chinese 8-bit version of Final Fantasy VII. The reason that this pattern exists is that the other night, a fan in my house had a motor go bad, which made the house smell like it was burning and kept my mom and I awake later than is necessary. Even though I stay up late often, the combination of being concerned about exploding fans and it being 1 in the morning led my brain to travel down some strange paths, which eventually led to me spending hours reading about bootlegged games for the NES, which eventually got narrowed down to weird Chinese RPGs for the NES. Though I found tiny tidbits of information on these RPGs on lots of websites, http://cinnamonpirate.com had really impressive amounts of information on a lot of them. Reading about the games on the blog is the best way to learn about them, but I have to say that I'm really impressed by the fact that a company took the time to make a crappy version of Chrono Trigger to play on the NES and that I don't think my life will be complete without playing the NES Titanic RPG. I mean, there are submarines on the Titanic! It sounds awesome, even if the game does suck, and I think that I've played enough Battle Arena Toshinden to put up with rubbish gameplay for the sake of being able to play NES Titanic. The 8-bit version of Final Fantasy VII had the best graphics and the most interesting background (http://cinnamonpirate.com/2008/02/from-polygons-to-pixels-final-fantasy-vii/#more-507), though, so that's what's getting the Dork Stitch pattern treatment.

This is my pattern of 8-bit Tifa, taken from the sprite in the NES FFVII, which I then recolored. It doesn't really match what she looks like in the Squaresoft versions, but I am not really the world's biggest fan of Final Fantasy VII, so I thought it would be fun to keep some of the odd features of the NES sprite intact, like the blue shorts and boots or the gold trim on top of the aforementioned boots. She should be a quick and easy stitch, and because of the low color count, it should be easy to use scrap thread or modify her to your liking! Since I really like the idea of 8-bit FFVII, think the graphics are cute, and have downloaded the ROM (although it's entirely in Chinese), I should have more patterns from it soon, hopefully including some based on sprites of such beloved characters as "Cloud," "Aerith," "Guy in House," and "That One Girl That Gives You Helpful Advice About How To Go About Whatever It Is That You're Doing Because You're In An RPG And It's Important To Listen To All The Stuff People Tell You If You Want To Finish The Game Successfully."

Of course, the whole time I'll being making these, I'll be playing a Dragon Quest game my mom lent me while a real copy of PS1 Final Fantasy VII sits on a shelf, since I've never gotten past the part where Cloud has a flashback to the time he sat on a hill and talked about life. Other than X-2, my poor attention span has not been conducive to me playing Final Fantasy games.

My second pattern for tonight, however, comes from something that my bad attention span is more than able to handle- a game where people kick each other in the face until one of them falls over twice, at which point you move on to kick someone else in the face. The head-kicker in question tonight is an unauthorized NES port of Fatal Fury, which is not very good, but infinitely more playable than NES King of Fighters '99. There's next to no information about it, though I'm going to dig for more, so I don't have much to say about where the game came from. It does, however, have fairly nice graphics, like the other bootlegged NES fighting games I've seen, which led to this pattern of an 8-bit Mai Shiranui.

The last time that I posted a pattern of Mai from an 8-bit version of an SNK fighter, I left the sprites as they were in the game, since the color schemes were nice and went together quite well. I probably could have done that with this one, too, but when I got the sprite from the game, I was really bored and think her outfits in Fatal Fury are in nifty colors, so I spent at least half an hour recoloring it. This means that it takes a few more colors than most of my fighting game patterns, but it should still be fairly easy to switch them out for their generic equivalents or change the color scheme entirely.

Anyway, I have been working on this post for about an hour and am pretty sure that it remains gibberish, so I think I am going to go for now. As always, if you stitch any pattern I've posted here, I would love to see how it turns out and will post photos of your glorious work right here! Also, although I couldn't think of any logical place to put this in the paragraphs following the Tifa pattern, some really detailed and well made cross stitch fanart of Final Fantasy from someone who really loves the game has been done by Gatchacaz, the proprietor of Gatchastitch, at her Deviant Art page. I wanted to mention it sooner, but I'm sleepy and am failing at paragraph construction, so the links had to come at the end of the post. However, I should be back and posting again soon, with more coherence and new cross stitch patterns!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ah, Crud, I Have To Make Some New Patterns Now

Hello! It's been a few days since my last post, and I really have no reason for not posting since then. The last few days have, in my defense, been a strenuous swirl of birthdays, high school football games, cross stitching, watching the Emmys and seeing movies. As a side note to that, The Informant! was a spiffy movie and one that I feel my siblings and I shall quote for many days to come. Other than all of that madness, however, I have been relatively non-busy, making me feel like I ought to come here and post my last reserve pattern, featuring Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

This is a pretty big pattern for this blog, which is mostly due to the fact that it is yet another former resident of Little Mojo's Anime Cross Stitch Patterns. Unlike some of the other patterns that were there, it gets to be posted here because it was just small enough to fit on one of my pattern templates, and also because this pattern has some of the best hair I've gone in and click-by-click removed the color fragmentation on. Miyuki is not my favorite character on Haruhi, mostly because I feel like she needs to, and quite easily could, punch Haruhi in the nose so hard that she could smell the back of her own head. Really, no one should ever put up with being forced into fetish clothing in front of big crowds, especially if it's going to make them whimper and have those weird anime wobbly sad eyes. Still, when it came to making a cross stitch pattern of one of the three main Haruhi girls, Miyuki was the only one with long, flow-y hair, and being as I was in the mood to stitch something like that, that's what I ended up making. There was some reason why I picked the maid outfit for the pattern, too, but I don't remember what that is anymore. I think it's because it was frilly, but it's been over a year since I made it, so that's all wild extrapolation.

Anyway, I am not sure what is to come on Dork Stitch, other than that it will, at least in my opinion, be awesome, but if you decide to stitch anything posted here, let me know and I will treat your accomplishments like the invention of the wheel for at least a couple of paragraphs. I do, however, want to thank Joke Only for the Live Journal plug, as I am much obliged.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 50th Post- Cross Stitch Patterns Included!

Hello, everyone! Today is a fairly uneventful day for me, other than the fact that my losing battles in Disgaea is being caused by more and more creative forms of slaughter on the part of the game, but it is worth noting that this is the 50th post here at Dork Stitch! When I started, I thought that I'd post three times, get bored, and forget all about it, but I'm really glad that's not the case. I don't really have anything ridiculous to mark the occasion, but in a sorry attempt at celebration, I'm going to post three mismatched patterns rather than stretching the three of them over three posts, as I normally would.

This first cross stitch pattern is of Sanrio's Little Twin Stars, who I think are some of the company's finest mascots. I hadn't really thought of making them into a pattern before, but a couple of posts back, JokeOnly commented asking if I had any patterns of them and it all of a sudden seemed like a massive gap in my set of patterns. Therefore, I sat down this afternoon and made the pattern so that it could be included in post 50! I tried to make the colors as bright as possible, to match the original image, but if you prefer a pastel look, the colors are separated enough that it should be really easy to calm things down a bit. My favorite thing about the pattern is the expressions on the characters, though, since Lala is obviously really pleased about something, whereas Kiki is at a total loss in the face of her enthusiasm. It seems like it would be fun to add a caption to, but I don't have one off of the top of my head.

The second pattern, as can be seen above, is a really small pattern of Sailor Moon. It's not entirely thrilling, unless you have a low threshold for excitement when it comes to seeing pixelated anime girls walk, but it should make a nice and fast project to stitch. I recolored the sprite from a Game Boy game and have stitched a Sailor Venus that was really similar to this in the past. I thought that for the purposes of this blog, however, it would be best to start with Sailor Moon rather than one of the members of the supporting cast, so if you guys like this pattern, I'd be glad to finish the team and post them here.

For the final cross stitch pattern of the 50th post, here's Puchiko from Digi Charat. This pattern is actually about a year old, since I made this for my sister's birthday last year and her next birthday is tomorrow. Still, I haven't posted it anywhere before, and Digi Charat is fairly spiffy. The anime of it I've seen aren't my favorites, since they never get quite as maniacal or weird as the manga does, but the manga is usually really funny. Plus, Puchiko is a chibi-ish anime girl in a who aspires to own real estate, and I know that's what everyone in the world looks for when choosing a pattern to stitch.

I'm out of patterns, but thank you for sticking with my blog for so many posts and reading this one! I hope to keep Dork Stitch going for quite a while longer with lots of new patterns, alongside all of the other stuff I put here, and having an active audience for that sort of thing is really cool and very much appreciated.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Patterns Post That Turns Into a Really Specific Fighting Game Rant

Hello! It's been a while since I last inflicted this upon you, but today seemed like a day to post some new King of Fighters cross stitch patterns. Today's character is Shermie, since I know all fans of the series are just absolutely infatuated with her, and, like it usually goes for fighting game characters on here, I have two patterns for her in different color schemes. Since there's the standard version of the character and then the EX/Orochi/insert-ultra-nerdy-and-incredibly-specific-term of her, it was easy to pick the two color schemes. I used to really dislike the character, though.
First of all, her name is Shermie, which really doesn't register with me as a proper name for a girl in a fighting game, unless you're talking about a fighting game where you can play as an elf that really wants to be a dentist. I'm still not quite over that one, especially since it sounds weird when listing your team in a 2 player match and going, "Hey, who are you going to play as? I think I'm going to use Mai, Leona, and Shermie." The whole idea that a bunch of people that can shoot fire and lightining out of their hands are getting together to punch each others' heads is ridiculous in the first place, but when one of them is a stylish and popular teenaged girl named Shermie, that seems, for God know what reason, to push things slightly over the edge for me.
It also used to bug me that her bangs totally obscured her eyeballs, since that would logically make it very difficult to fight. Mostly, I don't notice that at this point, other than when I saw a model with the same haircut on Project Runway last week and thought, "Dear God, the Shermie hair is real! How can she walk down a runway with all of that hair in her eyes? Isn't she worried she's going to fall? Didn't the designer think enough about the model's safety to comb her hair out of her face?" Of course, Shermie is protected from hairstyle related injury from the "it's a cartoon" rule, so in video game world, it seems to work out just fine for her.
I don't have much against the character after having played some of the games she prominently features in, since it turns out that she's an evil member of a rock band that slaps people in the face and chats on her cell phone as a taunt. My sister also made me a really cute purse with a transfer of her fighting Athena on it, which makes everything better. With all that complaining out of the way, though, I'd better actually post the patterns!

Like all of the other King of Fighters stuff I've posted here, I recolored the sprites on Paint Shop Pro and hope that I've done so in a manner that will make them quick and easy to stitch as well as modify to different color schemes. I picked the cell phone pose because it amused me to no end, and the other pose was chosen because it was a fairly standard one that seemed as appropriate for the character as anything. I think I'm going to make the Orochi Shermie after I finish off the Pokemon trainer that I was working on earlier today, but that really has no bearing on the rest of the post.
Anyway, I'm pretty much out of stuff to say at this point, so I'm off for now with more patterns soon to come! I hope that all of you are having a decent week and that, if you made it through this whole post, your brain cells stop wobbling from the nonsense before too long!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

70s Horror Movies and Fluffy Bunnies All For The Stitching!

Hello! I feel like it's been a while since I last actually posted some cross stitch patterns, even if it has just been a few days, and I have a bunch of patterns still in storage, waiting to be posted. Tonight, however, I have two very special patterns that I just configured to post here and hope that you enjoy both of them, albeit in different ways.

The first cross stitch pattern that I'm posting here tonight used to be on Little Mojo's page, but, as that page is no more, it is finding a home here. The pattern features one of my favorite Sanrio characters, My Melody, looking cute and inquisitive, perhaps because she's wondering if, in a no-holds barred melee battle, Hello Kitty and her many friends could defeat a band of lawless bikers with their bare hands. Since the Sanrio characters have terribly big hands, I imagine they could take the bikers, but it still wouldn't be a pleasant sight, so My Melody needs a bit of time to think about the whole ordeal. I haven't stitched this pattern, but because of the big chunks of color in it, I think that it would be pretty quick and easy to make. Plus, I sort of liked making it without the black outlines, since that's a bit different from a lot of the other stuff here.

Tonight's second pattern was done for my sister, who has a birthday this week. It is, as the pattern itself states, the floaty ball thing that killed stuff in Phantasm. In case you happen to be reading this blog for my wordy, but descriptive movie reviews, I have to say that Phantasm is quite a movie. The acting is bad, the plot is incoherent, and there are midget zombies and a singing ice cream man, meaning that it made for a very entertaining 90 minutes of viewing. However, I did not like it nearly as much as my sister did, and she claims that if I made this, she would put it on her wall like "bah-zamm." I am not totally sure what bah-zamm means, but it sounds really positive, so I was happy about that. Plus, I'm sure tons of people want a cross stitch pattern of a killing device that zips through hallways and chases screaming teenagers with floppy hair and amazing driving skills for their age. It has more backstitch than most of my patterns, but because the rest of it is worked entirely in whole stitches, it should be easy to complete, if you happen to be in the mood to make something like this.

I think I've done quite enough damage to this blog tonight, so I am going to back away before more harm is caused. If you do decide to make either of today's cross stitch patterns, however, as well as the other patterns posted here, I'd love to see your work and display it to everyone else here! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more dork patterns from Dork Stitch!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Night Pattern Links (Because Life Is Exciting!)

Hello! It's about 12:15 where I'm posting from, so my brain is a bit frazzled, leaving me unable to choose which of the patterns I have to put up to post. This is probably for the better, anyway, since a pattern posting at this point would leave me babbling for an hour about why so-and-so from King of Fighters is better than another so-and-so, when wide-awake me knows that I have to knock that off after at most 45 minutes. Earlier today, however, I was looking at "Tatie Grenouille et ses petites croas," a cross stitching patterns blog that I like very much despite my near inability to read French and saw some of the best patterns ever. They can be found at this post, http://tatiegrenouille.canalblog.com/archives/2009/09/11/15013899.html, and both of them are really adorable patterns of Ponyo from the recent Miyazaki movie! Even though I have too many projects going right now, I really want to make one of them, though I can't choose which right now. I just like how Ponyo looks both cute and slightly insane, which is always fun.

While I'm on about finding cross stitch patterns across the web, another interesting, though slightly difficult to navigate source for free patterns can be found at http://www.jessica-tromp.nl/embroidery_free_cross_stitch_patterns.htm. I am not entirely sure how this site is set up, since it bounces from talking about the history and practice of cross stitching to providing piles upon piles of fairly small patterns, but I hadn't heard of it before a long session on google and I've found some really cute stuff that I want to make there, including a mascot-a-riffic catgirl and a My Little Pony.

I am a bit at a loss in regards to this whole posting links to other blogs and sites thing, since I am not sure if I am properly describing them or even why I have chosen the links that I have. It just seemed like the sort of thing that this blog needed. Before I get off of here and take a good long while to think about what I've done, however, as a good forum moderator, I have to remind all of you that 1337xstitch is a really nifty source for large and small cross stitching patterns from tons of designers. It is being updated a lot, and I've been able to submit some stuff there that is too big to post here, like a 100+ stitches squared portrait of Marth that, if I do say so myself, is positively stunning.

Anyway, now that the Marth can of worms has been opened, I have forced myself to get off before days worth of jokes about his pure and innocent beauty are accidentally posted. I'll be back before too long with patterns from video games and anime, though, as always, and I hope that you all enjoyed this special, if brief, links edition of Dork Stitch!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Extra Lucky Star Pattern? I Know, It's Crazy, I Tells Ya!

Hi, everybody! I can't say I'm at my chattiest today, since I just finished recharting another Kingdom Hearts pattern, stitch by stitch, for 1337xstitch, making my enthusiasm for the franchise dip into what may be negative ranges. (I have nothing against Kingdom Hearts or people who play it in the slightest, and can easily see why people enjoy it- it's just that I never really got into it that much.) I have, however, gotten into my own laptop and e-mailed myself about 30 cross stitch patterns, several of which will probably pop up here on Dork Stitch. Some of them are formerly of Little Mojo's Anime Cross Stitch Patterns, so they may look familiar to some of you, and yet more of them are more recolored sprites from Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting games, which will probably be sharing posts by theme to save some sort of virtual space. A few of them, however, are previously unused patterns that I am fairly happy to post here, such as the one that is going up today of Miyuki from Lucky Star.

In the Lucky Star pattern set that I finished posting here a little while ago, the one that Max-the-rabbitything of Deviant Art is courageously tackling, the Miyuki pattern is not as nice as it could be. She's facing the side and has her eyes closed, which is quite appropriate to the character, but makes the pattern look a bit odd in a lineup with the other three. This pattern of Miyuki is also peculiar to the set, since she's wearing a red dress instead of her school uniform, but if you want to stitch the set and don't like the original pattern of her, this may be a nice substitute. I sort of like the "Oh, dear, I have to fix my hair!" pose, and I think the bright colors could very well be interesting to work with.

Originally, this was part of a much larger cross stitch pattern, which is about 250 stitches high by 70 or 80 wide, so if any of you have some sort of burning desire to stitch a really massive pattern of Miyuki from Lucky Star, let me know and I'll send you the pattern in full. It was a little too big to post here, but I have no plans or reasons to hide it from the readers of this blog. Also, if you do decide to stitch what has been posted here, in this post or any other, let me know and I'll post photos and the appropriate amount of gold stars to commemorate your work!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Select Your Fighter! (There's only two, so the game's a bit limited.)

Hello! I came to post here today with no idea of what I was going to put up and ended up having to check my files to see what I actually had to post. Something about the combination of playing too much DS, doing symbol charts of premade patterns for 1337xstitch, and filling out job applications seems to have fried my brain beyond all recognition. Because of this, it seemed like a good day to post patterns that were the product of an activity I undertook at another time when my brain was fried.

Now, to the untrained eye, these may look like typical cross stitch patterns for Dork Stitch, as they depict Janne from SNK's bizarre fighting game World Heroes and Sofia from the marginally playable Battle Arena Toshinden, and the patterns are taken from Game Boy versions of their respective games. (It sounds mean, I know, but of all of the games that have held up over the years, Battle Arena Toshinden is probably not one of them.) This, in the tradition of this blog, lavishes attention on portable versions of fighting games that may or may not have been popular when they were released without much regard for if an actual interest in cross stitching them exists. The difference, however, lies in the fact that while I usually find the sprites I use online or, in the case of the bootlegged King of Fighters NES sprites, pause an emulator and take a screenshot, I got these sprites by hand. This involved hooking up a Super Nintendo, jamming the old Game Boy cartridges in a Super Game Boy, which happens to be one of Nintendo's finest inventions, and then squinting at the picture on an HDTV to copy the sprites pixel by pixel onto graph paper.

The pattern for Janne was done first, partially because I wanted a pattern for her and it was not making itself and partially because it was easier to make World Heroes run on the Super Game Boy. Since she was done first, her sprite is more accurate, using the shading and colors present in the game's Super Game Boy color palette. The blue used in the background isn't entirely accurate, but putting more orange in the back made the image look sort of muddled, so I added the extra color because when cross stitching Janne, no one is limited to a set of 4 colors to fit the boundaries of the technology that they're using.

Once I had Janne graphed out, I forced Battle Arena Toshinden to work and set to work copying Sofia onto graph paper. About halfway through graphing her character select portrait, however, I began to have serious questions about the direction that my life had taken if I was curled up in front of a TV and copying character select portraits from mediocre portable versions of mediocre fighting games onto paper so that I could post them on a blog. More importantly, my eyes were starting to hurt. Therefore, with Sofia's pattern, I threw complete accuracy out the window, putting the pattern in full color because I didn't feel like dissecting the pixel patterns of three nearly indistinguishable shades of green in a slightly distorted image for the sake of crafting. The black pixels are the same as the ones in the game, though, and I sort of like how the bright colors make the pattern look.

Anyway, I am done yabbering for today, but soon, I will post more patterns and chatter on about them as if they are worthy of a novel a piece. Thanks for reading today's post, and, as always, if you decide to make any of the patterns featured here, let me know and I'll write a post detailing your glorious achievements!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Gold Star For Lucky Star!

Hello! It is a slow Sunday afternoon here at my computer desk and I am busily occupied with chewing spearmint gum and visiting the same websites that I always end up visiting. I do, however, have some thoroughly nifty work to show you from Deviant Art's much ballyhooed Max-the-rabbitything! (I actually have no idea if he's been ballyhooed or not, but I quite like his cross stitching and wanted to use that word, so there you go.) Recently, Max-the-rabbitything has cross stitched Kagami from this blog's Lucky Star pattern set, and it looks very cool!
This is only a small image of the project, but the full sized picture and the artist description can be found at: http://max-the-rabbitything.deviantart.com/art/Kagami-Tapestry-135920136. I think she looks really spiffy on the black fabric, especially with the bright purples in her hair, and the border around it is really nice, too! It is entirely possible that I just haven't been paying much attention, but I don't see that sort of thing too often and it seems to be a very nice touch. The stitched Kagami can also be seen in this photograph (http://max-the-rabbitything.deviantart.com/art/Konata-s-Dream-135920452), which also features some of Max-the-rabbitything's other cross stitching, including a tiny version of Disgaea's Pleinair and a somewhat menacing Domo-kun, as well as an image of a real-life chocolate coronet, which I had never seen before.

For his grand efforts in stitching Kagami, we here at Dork Stitch (and that is the royal we, considering that I am the only one in the room right now) award Max-the-rabbitything with Dork Stitch's second official gold star!

I'm about out of things to say for now, but stay tuned to Dork Stitch for more cross stitch patterns and, hopefully, more gold star recipients! I have all the patterns I've been talking about for days now still to post, and I am considering getting a pattern of Lucky Star's Miyuki off of my laptop to put up soon, too. This all is in the future, though, so now, I must take my leave and wish all of you a good week, and, if you happen to be in the US, a nice Labor Day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Second Disgaea Pattern, Just 79 Days After The First!

Hello! It's already Friday, so I have to say that I didn't post here quite as much as I'd wanted to this week. I can't say that it's because I've been that busy, although I have been job searching and keeping up with the forums over at 1337xstitch. I've also managed to unlock several characters in King of Fighters XI this week, something that I'm sure all of you out there are very proud of me for doing. Today, though, I'm getting an actual post up with a charming little pattern of Etna from Disgaea. Though she is not my very favorite character in the game, any video game character that shoots an opponent before the battle even starts is more than deserving of a pattern here at Dork Stitch.

This pattern was made to match the pattern of Flonne that I posted back in June, which is why it uses so few colors. I took the sprite, ran it through the color reduction stuff that Pattern Maker did, then decided I hated the colors it was spitting out at me and picked new ones by hand, leading to the lovely pinks that Etna is in here. I know the Valentine's Day color scheme is a bit out of season, but because it's in monochrome, switching her colors should be fairly easy, leading to such charming variants as St. Patrick's Day Etna, Halloween Etna, or the potentially hideous Fourth of July Etna. (I suppose that could work with certain shades of red, white and blue, but I have little hope for the success of such a project.) She should make for a quick and easy project, though, and if any of you decide to stitch her, I'd love to see it!

Now that I have patterns up here for Flonne and Etna, I sort of want to make one for Laharl, too, seeing as he's the main character of the game and everything. Judging by my haste to post Etna, however, a pattern for Laharl should be up sometime in late November. Maybe he can be in some nice Easter colors. For the immediate future, though, I have some patterns to post from fighting games, just like always, and one small character from an anime that was very popular in the late '90s. Until all of this is posted, however, I will leave all of you in dreadful suspense as to what I have in store for future posts. It shall be a lovely time.