Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 50th Post- Cross Stitch Patterns Included!

Hello, everyone! Today is a fairly uneventful day for me, other than the fact that my losing battles in Disgaea is being caused by more and more creative forms of slaughter on the part of the game, but it is worth noting that this is the 50th post here at Dork Stitch! When I started, I thought that I'd post three times, get bored, and forget all about it, but I'm really glad that's not the case. I don't really have anything ridiculous to mark the occasion, but in a sorry attempt at celebration, I'm going to post three mismatched patterns rather than stretching the three of them over three posts, as I normally would.

This first cross stitch pattern is of Sanrio's Little Twin Stars, who I think are some of the company's finest mascots. I hadn't really thought of making them into a pattern before, but a couple of posts back, JokeOnly commented asking if I had any patterns of them and it all of a sudden seemed like a massive gap in my set of patterns. Therefore, I sat down this afternoon and made the pattern so that it could be included in post 50! I tried to make the colors as bright as possible, to match the original image, but if you prefer a pastel look, the colors are separated enough that it should be really easy to calm things down a bit. My favorite thing about the pattern is the expressions on the characters, though, since Lala is obviously really pleased about something, whereas Kiki is at a total loss in the face of her enthusiasm. It seems like it would be fun to add a caption to, but I don't have one off of the top of my head.

The second pattern, as can be seen above, is a really small pattern of Sailor Moon. It's not entirely thrilling, unless you have a low threshold for excitement when it comes to seeing pixelated anime girls walk, but it should make a nice and fast project to stitch. I recolored the sprite from a Game Boy game and have stitched a Sailor Venus that was really similar to this in the past. I thought that for the purposes of this blog, however, it would be best to start with Sailor Moon rather than one of the members of the supporting cast, so if you guys like this pattern, I'd be glad to finish the team and post them here.

For the final cross stitch pattern of the 50th post, here's Puchiko from Digi Charat. This pattern is actually about a year old, since I made this for my sister's birthday last year and her next birthday is tomorrow. Still, I haven't posted it anywhere before, and Digi Charat is fairly spiffy. The anime of it I've seen aren't my favorites, since they never get quite as maniacal or weird as the manga does, but the manga is usually really funny. Plus, Puchiko is a chibi-ish anime girl in a who aspires to own real estate, and I know that's what everyone in the world looks for when choosing a pattern to stitch.

I'm out of patterns, but thank you for sticking with my blog for so many posts and reading this one! I hope to keep Dork Stitch going for quite a while longer with lots of new patterns, alongside all of the other stuff I put here, and having an active audience for that sort of thing is really cool and very much appreciated.


  1. You are so awesome! That was so quick. Thank you so much for making this pattern. I will be printing it as soon as I finish this comment. Have a nice weekend!

  2. PS Congratulations on the 50th post!

  3. Digi Charatlooks pretty cute!! :)

  4. Omg, when I was little I had a twin stars coloring book and I still have the stickers from it ! So cute!!!!!

  5. fantastic... cant wait to get started

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    Thank You again for the Twinkle Little Star Free Pattern.

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