Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cross Stitch Patterns From Bootleg NES Ports of Games With The Intials FF

Hello! As many of you may have noticed, I have a very specific goal with tonight's blog post. Like it says in the title, I have 2 cross stitch patterns based on sprites from bootlegged NES ports of games that have the initials FF. The first pattern in this theme that I'm going to post, and probably the more interesting of the two for most of you, is from a Chinese 8-bit version of Final Fantasy VII. The reason that this pattern exists is that the other night, a fan in my house had a motor go bad, which made the house smell like it was burning and kept my mom and I awake later than is necessary. Even though I stay up late often, the combination of being concerned about exploding fans and it being 1 in the morning led my brain to travel down some strange paths, which eventually led to me spending hours reading about bootlegged games for the NES, which eventually got narrowed down to weird Chinese RPGs for the NES. Though I found tiny tidbits of information on these RPGs on lots of websites, had really impressive amounts of information on a lot of them. Reading about the games on the blog is the best way to learn about them, but I have to say that I'm really impressed by the fact that a company took the time to make a crappy version of Chrono Trigger to play on the NES and that I don't think my life will be complete without playing the NES Titanic RPG. I mean, there are submarines on the Titanic! It sounds awesome, even if the game does suck, and I think that I've played enough Battle Arena Toshinden to put up with rubbish gameplay for the sake of being able to play NES Titanic. The 8-bit version of Final Fantasy VII had the best graphics and the most interesting background (, though, so that's what's getting the Dork Stitch pattern treatment.

This is my pattern of 8-bit Tifa, taken from the sprite in the NES FFVII, which I then recolored. It doesn't really match what she looks like in the Squaresoft versions, but I am not really the world's biggest fan of Final Fantasy VII, so I thought it would be fun to keep some of the odd features of the NES sprite intact, like the blue shorts and boots or the gold trim on top of the aforementioned boots. She should be a quick and easy stitch, and because of the low color count, it should be easy to use scrap thread or modify her to your liking! Since I really like the idea of 8-bit FFVII, think the graphics are cute, and have downloaded the ROM (although it's entirely in Chinese), I should have more patterns from it soon, hopefully including some based on sprites of such beloved characters as "Cloud," "Aerith," "Guy in House," and "That One Girl That Gives You Helpful Advice About How To Go About Whatever It Is That You're Doing Because You're In An RPG And It's Important To Listen To All The Stuff People Tell You If You Want To Finish The Game Successfully."

Of course, the whole time I'll being making these, I'll be playing a Dragon Quest game my mom lent me while a real copy of PS1 Final Fantasy VII sits on a shelf, since I've never gotten past the part where Cloud has a flashback to the time he sat on a hill and talked about life. Other than X-2, my poor attention span has not been conducive to me playing Final Fantasy games.

My second pattern for tonight, however, comes from something that my bad attention span is more than able to handle- a game where people kick each other in the face until one of them falls over twice, at which point you move on to kick someone else in the face. The head-kicker in question tonight is an unauthorized NES port of Fatal Fury, which is not very good, but infinitely more playable than NES King of Fighters '99. There's next to no information about it, though I'm going to dig for more, so I don't have much to say about where the game came from. It does, however, have fairly nice graphics, like the other bootlegged NES fighting games I've seen, which led to this pattern of an 8-bit Mai Shiranui.

The last time that I posted a pattern of Mai from an 8-bit version of an SNK fighter, I left the sprites as they were in the game, since the color schemes were nice and went together quite well. I probably could have done that with this one, too, but when I got the sprite from the game, I was really bored and think her outfits in Fatal Fury are in nifty colors, so I spent at least half an hour recoloring it. This means that it takes a few more colors than most of my fighting game patterns, but it should still be fairly easy to switch them out for their generic equivalents or change the color scheme entirely.

Anyway, I have been working on this post for about an hour and am pretty sure that it remains gibberish, so I think I am going to go for now. As always, if you stitch any pattern I've posted here, I would love to see how it turns out and will post photos of your glorious work right here! Also, although I couldn't think of any logical place to put this in the paragraphs following the Tifa pattern, some really detailed and well made cross stitch fanart of Final Fantasy from someone who really loves the game has been done by Gatchacaz, the proprietor of Gatchastitch, at her Deviant Art page. I wanted to mention it sooner, but I'm sleepy and am failing at paragraph construction, so the links had to come at the end of the post. However, I should be back and posting again soon, with more coherence and new cross stitch patterns!

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  1. Very, very creative! You have such great patterns....I love coming by and checking them out. Dont....ever....stop....posting....EVER! :o)