Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cross Stitch Patterns of 3 Portraits From 8-Bit FFVII- This Blog Does Nothing If Not Live Up To Its Name

Hello! I just finished drafting some coverage of the Tokyo Game Show for, so I suspect that I may be even less coherent than usual after spending an hour taking notes on what XBox 360 games are going to be coming out. (If I understand correctly, gamers will be shooting a lot of stuff on the system in the coming year- even the RPG and Snoopy games I was looking at are firearm intensive.) On a far more low-fi note, however, I got the NES version of Final Fantasy VII running yesterday, with a very nifty English patch, and have been playing it and taking copious amounts of distortion-free screenshots in order to make piles of weird cross stitch patterns for this very blog! I'm actually enjoying the game fairly well right now, since it seems to be a straightforward RPG light on lengthy cut scenes (unlike the real version for Playstation, where the cutscenes did me in less than 10 hours in) and heavy on leveling crap up. It is a very strange gameplay experience, since I've watched the original being played, have a working knowledge of the story and characters (due to fan art and a college roommate who loved Advent Children), and have also played RPGs before, all of which sets off a slight awareness that something is slightly off about the whole thing. All it takes to get me back into my strange fascination with the game, however, is having some guy in a field tell me that he's sick of living in horrible polluted slums while standing in a field of bright green grass spotted with sunny orange flowers.

Anyway, today I've got cross stitch patterns of the dialogue box character portraits for Aeris, Tifa, and Cloud to post today. There are some bits of recoloring done on them, like adding color to eyes and clothes to make them resemble their high-falutin' PS1 cousins, as well as adding some pleasant pastel backgrounds, because I'm shallow and it seemed like that might be pretty. All of the patterns are pretty small, though, at 32x32 stitches, and the color count is pretty low, too, meaning that they are not intensive projects to stitch. I'm probably going to stitch one of them tonight, since I got some glow in the dark floss at Micheal's and am thinking it might work well as a background color.

Just like always, if you stitch any of these, I'd love to see the finished project and will make a special post about what a service your stitching is to all of humanity! With that said, the computer monitor is starting to burn a hole into my soul, so I am off to do something else. I hope you all have good weekends!


  1. Cool you got glow in the dark floss. before me.......LOL

  2. Whether time consuming or not, the patterns are still awesome! Thanks for sharing.