Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Extra Lucky Star Pattern? I Know, It's Crazy, I Tells Ya!

Hi, everybody! I can't say I'm at my chattiest today, since I just finished recharting another Kingdom Hearts pattern, stitch by stitch, for 1337xstitch, making my enthusiasm for the franchise dip into what may be negative ranges. (I have nothing against Kingdom Hearts or people who play it in the slightest, and can easily see why people enjoy it- it's just that I never really got into it that much.) I have, however, gotten into my own laptop and e-mailed myself about 30 cross stitch patterns, several of which will probably pop up here on Dork Stitch. Some of them are formerly of Little Mojo's Anime Cross Stitch Patterns, so they may look familiar to some of you, and yet more of them are more recolored sprites from Neo Geo Pocket Color fighting games, which will probably be sharing posts by theme to save some sort of virtual space. A few of them, however, are previously unused patterns that I am fairly happy to post here, such as the one that is going up today of Miyuki from Lucky Star.

In the Lucky Star pattern set that I finished posting here a little while ago, the one that Max-the-rabbitything of Deviant Art is courageously tackling, the Miyuki pattern is not as nice as it could be. She's facing the side and has her eyes closed, which is quite appropriate to the character, but makes the pattern look a bit odd in a lineup with the other three. This pattern of Miyuki is also peculiar to the set, since she's wearing a red dress instead of her school uniform, but if you want to stitch the set and don't like the original pattern of her, this may be a nice substitute. I sort of like the "Oh, dear, I have to fix my hair!" pose, and I think the bright colors could very well be interesting to work with.

Originally, this was part of a much larger cross stitch pattern, which is about 250 stitches high by 70 or 80 wide, so if any of you have some sort of burning desire to stitch a really massive pattern of Miyuki from Lucky Star, let me know and I'll send you the pattern in full. It was a little too big to post here, but I have no plans or reasons to hide it from the readers of this blog. Also, if you do decide to stitch what has been posted here, in this post or any other, let me know and I'll post photos and the appropriate amount of gold stars to commemorate your work!

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