Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Gold Star For Lucky Star!

Hello! It is a slow Sunday afternoon here at my computer desk and I am busily occupied with chewing spearmint gum and visiting the same websites that I always end up visiting. I do, however, have some thoroughly nifty work to show you from Deviant Art's much ballyhooed Max-the-rabbitything! (I actually have no idea if he's been ballyhooed or not, but I quite like his cross stitching and wanted to use that word, so there you go.) Recently, Max-the-rabbitything has cross stitched Kagami from this blog's Lucky Star pattern set, and it looks very cool!
This is only a small image of the project, but the full sized picture and the artist description can be found at: I think she looks really spiffy on the black fabric, especially with the bright purples in her hair, and the border around it is really nice, too! It is entirely possible that I just haven't been paying much attention, but I don't see that sort of thing too often and it seems to be a very nice touch. The stitched Kagami can also be seen in this photograph (, which also features some of Max-the-rabbitything's other cross stitching, including a tiny version of Disgaea's Pleinair and a somewhat menacing Domo-kun, as well as an image of a real-life chocolate coronet, which I had never seen before.

For his grand efforts in stitching Kagami, we here at Dork Stitch (and that is the royal we, considering that I am the only one in the room right now) award Max-the-rabbitything with Dork Stitch's second official gold star!

I'm about out of things to say for now, but stay tuned to Dork Stitch for more cross stitch patterns and, hopefully, more gold star recipients! I have all the patterns I've been talking about for days now still to post, and I am considering getting a pattern of Lucky Star's Miyuki off of my laptop to put up soon, too. This all is in the future, though, so now, I must take my leave and wish all of you a good week, and, if you happen to be in the US, a nice Labor Day!

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