Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Dork Stitch's Biggest Pattern, Followed By A Stitching That I Did Of One Of the Patterns I Posted Last Time

Hello! I haven't actually done any cross stitching at all in the last day and a half, and, as such, I thought I should make a pattern or something to compensate for my lack of actually doing anything. That led to my digging through the image filled folders on my desktop until I found something that seemed somewhat appropriate, which ended in my making a really big sprite pattern from the canceled Cartoon Network series, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Show. Since I've seen Puffy Amiyumi in concert twice, bought all the merchandising for the cartoon that I could, including DVDs and games, and have an imported VCD of the band running around America and possibly kidnapping a baby, though I can't be certain that's what actually happens in that video, it seemed strange to me that I hadn't yet made a ridiculously large and somewhat difficult pattern starring the cartoon versions of Puffy.

Anyway, this is the pattern I was talking about above, at just 80 stitches tall and 93 wide. It's only 14 colors, which could be a lot worse, but still, I don't imagine that a lot of people will be making this that aren't fans of Puffy, unless they're really fond of someone that is a fan of Puffy and wouldn't be creeped out by having a giant picture of cartoon versions of the girls that don't actually look anything like them jumping into the air hoisted upon them. Still, I guess it's no less reasonable than the abundance of patterns from SNK fighting games that I put up here.

Before I leave my blog for the day, I wanted to post a finished version of the 8-bit version of Aeris from the NES Final Fantasy VII that I posted the pattern of the last time I was here. I'm not going to give myself a gold star, since all of the chocolate covered espresso beans that I've eaten since finishing this seems reward enough. I just wanted to post her as an example of what happens when you print a pattern, sit down to make it, finish it, and then get really bored upon finishing it, leading to trim and labels and such. (This can also be seen on my deviant art page, at http://missy-tannenbaum.deviantart.com/art/XStitch-Fanart-8Bit-Aeris-138498045)

Anyway, I am out of stuff to post for now, but I have more patterns to post in the future and would love to post any finished versions of the patterns here that you, my lovely readers do! Until then, have a good week and don't poke yourself in the thumb with a needle until you cry or anything!

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  1. Cool pattern!!
    I wasn't a huge fan of the anime tho!!