Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Night Pattern Links (Because Life Is Exciting!)

Hello! It's about 12:15 where I'm posting from, so my brain is a bit frazzled, leaving me unable to choose which of the patterns I have to put up to post. This is probably for the better, anyway, since a pattern posting at this point would leave me babbling for an hour about why so-and-so from King of Fighters is better than another so-and-so, when wide-awake me knows that I have to knock that off after at most 45 minutes. Earlier today, however, I was looking at "Tatie Grenouille et ses petites croas," a cross stitching patterns blog that I like very much despite my near inability to read French and saw some of the best patterns ever. They can be found at this post,, and both of them are really adorable patterns of Ponyo from the recent Miyazaki movie! Even though I have too many projects going right now, I really want to make one of them, though I can't choose which right now. I just like how Ponyo looks both cute and slightly insane, which is always fun.

While I'm on about finding cross stitch patterns across the web, another interesting, though slightly difficult to navigate source for free patterns can be found at I am not entirely sure how this site is set up, since it bounces from talking about the history and practice of cross stitching to providing piles upon piles of fairly small patterns, but I hadn't heard of it before a long session on google and I've found some really cute stuff that I want to make there, including a mascot-a-riffic catgirl and a My Little Pony.

I am a bit at a loss in regards to this whole posting links to other blogs and sites thing, since I am not sure if I am properly describing them or even why I have chosen the links that I have. It just seemed like the sort of thing that this blog needed. Before I get off of here and take a good long while to think about what I've done, however, as a good forum moderator, I have to remind all of you that 1337xstitch is a really nifty source for large and small cross stitching patterns from tons of designers. It is being updated a lot, and I've been able to submit some stuff there that is too big to post here, like a 100+ stitches squared portrait of Marth that, if I do say so myself, is positively stunning.

Anyway, now that the Marth can of worms has been opened, I have forced myself to get off before days worth of jokes about his pure and innocent beauty are accidentally posted. I'll be back before too long with patterns from video games and anime, though, as always, and I hope that you all enjoyed this special, if brief, links edition of Dork Stitch!

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