Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Patterns Post That Turns Into a Really Specific Fighting Game Rant

Hello! It's been a while since I last inflicted this upon you, but today seemed like a day to post some new King of Fighters cross stitch patterns. Today's character is Shermie, since I know all fans of the series are just absolutely infatuated with her, and, like it usually goes for fighting game characters on here, I have two patterns for her in different color schemes. Since there's the standard version of the character and then the EX/Orochi/insert-ultra-nerdy-and-incredibly-specific-term of her, it was easy to pick the two color schemes. I used to really dislike the character, though.
First of all, her name is Shermie, which really doesn't register with me as a proper name for a girl in a fighting game, unless you're talking about a fighting game where you can play as an elf that really wants to be a dentist. I'm still not quite over that one, especially since it sounds weird when listing your team in a 2 player match and going, "Hey, who are you going to play as? I think I'm going to use Mai, Leona, and Shermie." The whole idea that a bunch of people that can shoot fire and lightining out of their hands are getting together to punch each others' heads is ridiculous in the first place, but when one of them is a stylish and popular teenaged girl named Shermie, that seems, for God know what reason, to push things slightly over the edge for me.
It also used to bug me that her bangs totally obscured her eyeballs, since that would logically make it very difficult to fight. Mostly, I don't notice that at this point, other than when I saw a model with the same haircut on Project Runway last week and thought, "Dear God, the Shermie hair is real! How can she walk down a runway with all of that hair in her eyes? Isn't she worried she's going to fall? Didn't the designer think enough about the model's safety to comb her hair out of her face?" Of course, Shermie is protected from hairstyle related injury from the "it's a cartoon" rule, so in video game world, it seems to work out just fine for her.
I don't have much against the character after having played some of the games she prominently features in, since it turns out that she's an evil member of a rock band that slaps people in the face and chats on her cell phone as a taunt. My sister also made me a really cute purse with a transfer of her fighting Athena on it, which makes everything better. With all that complaining out of the way, though, I'd better actually post the patterns!

Like all of the other King of Fighters stuff I've posted here, I recolored the sprites on Paint Shop Pro and hope that I've done so in a manner that will make them quick and easy to stitch as well as modify to different color schemes. I picked the cell phone pose because it amused me to no end, and the other pose was chosen because it was a fairly standard one that seemed as appropriate for the character as anything. I think I'm going to make the Orochi Shermie after I finish off the Pokemon trainer that I was working on earlier today, but that really has no bearing on the rest of the post.
Anyway, I'm pretty much out of stuff to say at this point, so I'm off for now with more patterns soon to come! I hope that all of you are having a decent week and that, if you made it through this whole post, your brain cells stop wobbling from the nonsense before too long!

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  1. Shermie sounds grating said out loud. I like her cell phone.