Friday, September 4, 2009

A Second Disgaea Pattern, Just 79 Days After The First!

Hello! It's already Friday, so I have to say that I didn't post here quite as much as I'd wanted to this week. I can't say that it's because I've been that busy, although I have been job searching and keeping up with the forums over at 1337xstitch. I've also managed to unlock several characters in King of Fighters XI this week, something that I'm sure all of you out there are very proud of me for doing. Today, though, I'm getting an actual post up with a charming little pattern of Etna from Disgaea. Though she is not my very favorite character in the game, any video game character that shoots an opponent before the battle even starts is more than deserving of a pattern here at Dork Stitch.

This pattern was made to match the pattern of Flonne that I posted back in June, which is why it uses so few colors. I took the sprite, ran it through the color reduction stuff that Pattern Maker did, then decided I hated the colors it was spitting out at me and picked new ones by hand, leading to the lovely pinks that Etna is in here. I know the Valentine's Day color scheme is a bit out of season, but because it's in monochrome, switching her colors should be fairly easy, leading to such charming variants as St. Patrick's Day Etna, Halloween Etna, or the potentially hideous Fourth of July Etna. (I suppose that could work with certain shades of red, white and blue, but I have little hope for the success of such a project.) She should make for a quick and easy project, though, and if any of you decide to stitch her, I'd love to see it!

Now that I have patterns up here for Flonne and Etna, I sort of want to make one for Laharl, too, seeing as he's the main character of the game and everything. Judging by my haste to post Etna, however, a pattern for Laharl should be up sometime in late November. Maybe he can be in some nice Easter colors. For the immediate future, though, I have some patterns to post from fighting games, just like always, and one small character from an anime that was very popular in the late '90s. Until all of this is posted, however, I will leave all of you in dreadful suspense as to what I have in store for future posts. It shall be a lovely time.

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