Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Select Your Fighter! (There's only two, so the game's a bit limited.)

Hello! I came to post here today with no idea of what I was going to put up and ended up having to check my files to see what I actually had to post. Something about the combination of playing too much DS, doing symbol charts of premade patterns for 1337xstitch, and filling out job applications seems to have fried my brain beyond all recognition. Because of this, it seemed like a good day to post patterns that were the product of an activity I undertook at another time when my brain was fried.

Now, to the untrained eye, these may look like typical cross stitch patterns for Dork Stitch, as they depict Janne from SNK's bizarre fighting game World Heroes and Sofia from the marginally playable Battle Arena Toshinden, and the patterns are taken from Game Boy versions of their respective games. (It sounds mean, I know, but of all of the games that have held up over the years, Battle Arena Toshinden is probably not one of them.) This, in the tradition of this blog, lavishes attention on portable versions of fighting games that may or may not have been popular when they were released without much regard for if an actual interest in cross stitching them exists. The difference, however, lies in the fact that while I usually find the sprites I use online or, in the case of the bootlegged King of Fighters NES sprites, pause an emulator and take a screenshot, I got these sprites by hand. This involved hooking up a Super Nintendo, jamming the old Game Boy cartridges in a Super Game Boy, which happens to be one of Nintendo's finest inventions, and then squinting at the picture on an HDTV to copy the sprites pixel by pixel onto graph paper.

The pattern for Janne was done first, partially because I wanted a pattern for her and it was not making itself and partially because it was easier to make World Heroes run on the Super Game Boy. Since she was done first, her sprite is more accurate, using the shading and colors present in the game's Super Game Boy color palette. The blue used in the background isn't entirely accurate, but putting more orange in the back made the image look sort of muddled, so I added the extra color because when cross stitching Janne, no one is limited to a set of 4 colors to fit the boundaries of the technology that they're using.

Once I had Janne graphed out, I forced Battle Arena Toshinden to work and set to work copying Sofia onto graph paper. About halfway through graphing her character select portrait, however, I began to have serious questions about the direction that my life had taken if I was curled up in front of a TV and copying character select portraits from mediocre portable versions of mediocre fighting games onto paper so that I could post them on a blog. More importantly, my eyes were starting to hurt. Therefore, with Sofia's pattern, I threw complete accuracy out the window, putting the pattern in full color because I didn't feel like dissecting the pixel patterns of three nearly indistinguishable shades of green in a slightly distorted image for the sake of crafting. The black pixels are the same as the ones in the game, though, and I sort of like how the bright colors make the pattern look.

Anyway, I am done yabbering for today, but soon, I will post more patterns and chatter on about them as if they are worthy of a novel a piece. Thanks for reading today's post, and, as always, if you decide to make any of the patterns featured here, let me know and I'll write a post detailing your glorious achievements!

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