Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Bit of a Jump on Holiday Cross Stitch Patterns, With a Nintendo Theme

Hello! It's been almost a week since I posted here, so today, I'm throwing three patterns out onto the internet. I am pretty sure my head is full of invisible cotton balls, so I probably won't be at my chattiest about them, but I think that they're sort of self explanatory, so hopefully, that will all work out.

The last time I went to Borders, I dug through all of the UK cross stitching magazines they carry and noticed that most of them had issues stuffed with Christmas patterns. It isn't even Halloween yet, so it seemed a little early for Christmas. (Plus, I bought a pile of the Christmas themed issues last year and haven't really made anything from those yet, so it seemed reasonable to avoid adding to the problem.) I've seen lots of people online starting to make their Christmas gifts and decorations, though, so I've decided to jump on the holiday boat before it's either too late to make any Christmas patterns posted or everyone is so burnt out on the holidays that seeing an additional Christmas pattern makes them want to smack their head into their computer desk so hard that they get a concussion.

Since this is Dork Stitch, normal Christmas patterns wouldn't really fit in, but I've edited some sprites of characters from classic Nintendo games to fit the holiday theme. Today's victims are Samus, Princess Peach (who I labeled as Toadstool on the pattern, though there's no reason for it), and Princess Zelda. All three of the patterns are fairly small, meaning they're suitable for cards or coasters or stuff like that, but they cover a wide range of difficulty, with Samus being easy and pleasant to stitch and an attempt at Peach having so many color changes that deciding to stitch her may mean that you have a deep psychological need to prove something to the outside world. I'm fond of all three of the patterns and hope to make them all, but so you can decide for yourself, here they are.

If any of you reading this feel that making any of these patterns, or any from older posts, would be a good idea, then send me a photo of your finished project to have your work featured right here on this blog. It's really incredibly exciting, as I'm sure any of the crafters featured on here would tell you. Thank you for reading and have a good Halloween weekend!

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