Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Finished Project Photo Before The Pattern Is Posted? (Well, A Few Paragraphs Before That, Anyway.)

Hello, everyone! I am posting at a fairly early hour, but for some reason, I am really sleepy, so I apologize in advance for any wild incoherence.

A few months ago, I got bored one afternoon and decided that I was absolutely incensed by the idea that SNK had given up on their Neo Geo Pocket Color, just because of something as inconsequential as poor sales, meaning that none of the characters introduced to the King of Fighters series after the games in the series on the console would get to have the cute little chibi sprites that populated fighting games on the system. This led to my huddling over a keyboard and mouse for hours, making a custom sprite for Vanessa from the aforementioned King of Fighters games, partially because I think she's a nifty character and partially because her outfit is nicely non-elaborate, which seemed like a big plus for my first project of the sort. Once she was done, I threw the sprite up in my sprites on Deviant Art, not really expecting anything to come of it.

Last night, Vanessa's sprite, which I'd almost forgotten about due to a custom sprite I'd done of Cathy from Top Hunter, came up with Deviant Art's Crausse, who does really impressive work with Perler beads. His Nakoruru and Goddess are especially mind boggling- I can't even imagine putting all of those beads down on the pegboards without knocking them over or dropping them on the way to be ironed or something of the sort. (I suppose that these limitations of mine are why I've chosen do a craft that is difficult to destroy with mere clumsiness once the stitches are in the fabric.) This afternoon, he mentioned doing a Perler bead project of Vanessa, which was cool enough as it is, but when I logged on tonight, he had her posted!

A larger and less cropped image of Crausse's work is up and ready to be looked at here, on his deviant art page, where she can be full viewed and favorited to your heart's content. I was thrilled to see it, both so quickly and at such a large size. I know that for people who do Perler beads, it probably isn't exciting to see how big it is, but his USB plug is less than half the size of her hand! Plus, the colors are really bright and nifty looking, and the details came out really well. With all things considered, Crausse is more than deserving of a Dork Stitch gold star, with this one hailing from a world inspired by Sanrio and a lack of sleep!

With a perler bead version of Vanessa placed on peg-boards and ready to be ironed, I figured it was time that the sprite also got the cross stitch pattern treatment. Vanessa's sprite is a bit higher in color count than my normal NGPC sprite recolors, since she wasn't originally made with stitching in mind. There are, however, few enough colors that it should be quite easy to adapt her to other color schemes or substitute threads for the project.

Anyway, I feel that today's post has been exciting enough for one night, as it features both Dork Stitch's first bead sprite as well as the blog's first preemptive gold star. Plus, as all of you know, I'm always more than happy for an excuse to post a King of Fighters pattern, so that was nice as well. Right now, I am falling asleep at my keyboard, so before I go, I would like to say, as always, that if of you decide to use any of these patterns for any sort of craft project, I would love to see your work and will let all of the blog's readers know about what you've done! I hope that all of you have a very good weekend and will be back to post more to this blog posthaste!

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