Monday, October 19, 2009

Astro Boy Cross Stitch Patterns, Now In Black and White As Well As Color!

Hello! I have some patterns to post today, but not a lot of additional stuff to go on about, so I'm actually going to get decently close to the point right off the bat in this post, which is a little strange. Since there's an Astro Boy movie coming out this weekend, I thought that I would post some Astro Boy patterns. I don't really care if the movie ends up sucking, since I'll end up seeing it anyway. (My fondness for the Speed Racer movie also proved that I have a different definition of entertainment than many of my peers, although I can't see why anyone wouldn't like a movie where gangsters are threatening to throw Rain into a tank of piranhas in the back of a semi-truck, so this helps bolster my determination to see the film.) Plus, the movie is as good an excuse as any to post the patterns, which, by the end of the week, will have inevitably declined into Black Jack patterns, meaning that I'll successfully have been able to use mainstream pop culture as an excuse to post cross stitch patterns of a renegade surgeon who looks quite a bit like Dracula.

The Astro Boy cross stitch patterns themselves are not that fancy or anything. Both of them are taken from the same sprite from the NES Astro Boy game, which I then recolored on Pattern Maker so that it looked more like the cartoon. Both versions require 6 colors, which I think is a fairly low number, and though the one in color is probably more fun to stitch, I think that the 60s style black and white pattern would look really cool if it were to be stitched.

If any of you reading this think that cross stitching, needlepointing, beading, or whatever craft you do for Astro Boy would be a proper use of your time, I'd love to see how the finished project turns out and will post your undoubtedly beautiful work right here in this blog! I'm out of stuff to say for now, but I'll be back and posting later in the week with whatever patterns seem to be a good idea at the time!

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  1. I've seen commercials for the AstroBoy movie and they clothe him! WTF?