Monday, October 12, 2009

It's A Finished Cross Stitch of Konata! Quick, Guess Who Made It?

Hello! I don't know that I've posted twice in the same day to this blog since the day I've started it, but today is mysterious and full of wonder. Actually, that might be overstating things, but I did find the Wii version of Pangya (a golf MMO that I suck at yet play continually) for 10 dollars, which was maybe not mysterious and full of wonder but quite unexpected nonetheless. I do have an hour to kill between The Big Bang Theory and new anime, though, and putting a Hot Chip album on my iPod can't take that long, unless the computer really gets snippy with me. Therefore, it's time to post the latest in Max-the-rabbitything's long line of finished versions of this blog's Lucky Star patterns!

As this thumbnail makes evident, Max-the-rabbitything's latest choice of pattern was Konata, and I think it came out really well! She looks great on the black fabric, just like the others, only this one's hair looks more dramatic for some reason, and I still really like the way the border around her looks. Plus, the fact that changes were made to the original pattern is spiffy. The image has been mirrored, in a move that I have to admit would have made my head buzz while reading the symbols on the chart, and replacing the full-stitch trim on her collar with backstitching made it look quite a bit nicer, I think. In order to see a nifty full sized image of the piece, I direct you towards Max-the-rabbitything's Deviant Art posting of her. As all of you readers know, however, a new finished project means that the artist is to be awarded with a new gold star, with the newest one in Max-the-rabbitything's collection being an origami piece done during an episode of How I Met Your Mother. (The animal print is as classy as the origin story, isn't it?)

Anyway, I've typed enough here for now, and will be posting again soon with more bordering on incoherent rambling and more cross stitch patterns! It will cause excitement beyond that which humanity has been able to measure in the past, so I hope all of you are well prepared.

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