Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well, At Least It's A Post, Right?

Hello! When I set about preparing a blog post for today, I was sure that I had something specific to say, but between a general case of brain wobbliness and the news story about the boy who floated away in a balloon, I've totally forgotten what it was. Even without that, though, I haven't posted here since Monday, so it seemed like time for a new post! I haven't been doing much since the last posting here, other than folding a bunch of paper cranes (I have 90 of them pinned to my wall right now, 10 that I gave to my sister, and more that haven't yet been strung) and doing a giant embroidery project of a singing mermaid from a Mega Man game, which I think might be blackwork but am not totally sure about. Therefore, I don't really have an excuse for not putting up any patterns since then. Today, however, I have a lovely new pattern of one of the monsters that pops up in a lot of the NIS strategy RPGs in a style to match the Disgaea patterns previously posted here.

As those of you who have played any of the games in question may have noticed, today's pattern is of Succubus, who was chosen because she has the best hair of any of the monsters in the games. The sprite of her I chose is from La Pucelle Tactics because I was playing that game the day that I made this pattern, meaning that it has to be pretty old by now, since I quit the game over a month ago. Beyond that, however, the pattern is not that abnormal. I used Pattern Maker to take the sprite down to a five floss color scheme, meaning that she ought to be quick and easy to stitch and that she'd match the patterns of Flonne and Etna that have popped up here in the past. I originally designed this pattern to be a standee, but after a bit of thought, I realized that her wings made it difficult for her to work in that capacity, meaning that she hasn't been stitched yet. Still, I'd like to make her someday, and if any of the rest of you decide to use the pattern, I'd love to see your finished product!

I'm out of stuff to say for now, meaning that I'm going to abandon ship before I start talking about how the story mode on Pangya for Wii was designed to be played by robots built to excel at virtual golf. Still, I hope that all of you have a good weekend and will be back to post more Dork Stitch stuff soon!

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