Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Off-Topic Yabbering and a New Sanrio Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! Before getting online today, I fried a good deal of my brain by sitting around and playing Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation for DS, which I'd say means I'm incredibly immature were it not for the fact that if I'd had that game when I was a kid, I would have gotten so frustrated that I would have thrown my DS out a window, meaning that putting so many hours into the game means I'm only very, not incredibly, immature. It's a cute game, and I take pride in knowing that the in-game city will soon look like Lisa Frank threw up on an article about party dresses in the 60s once my store becomes the dominant force in the game's fictional economy. However, it's also a little difficult, as a mistake early on seems to have doomed me to months of losing out to an AI controlled shop owner that had incredible luck in selling lilac sandals. This blog isn't for game reviews, though, so I'll stop chattering away on that topic and post today's pattern!

Today's pattern features the relatively obscure Sanrio mascot, Hangyodon, who is awesome because he's a cute fish monster with a cute octopus friend. (My understanding of the character's backstory may be inaccurate, but from my reading and looking at the image the pattern is based on, this is what I have gathered.) I picked this mascot for a pattern because he had big eyes that looked a bit wobbly and because of the bright color scheme, which should stop it from getting boring to stitch. The size seemed pretty balanced to me, too, so although it's not a tiny pattern, Hangyodon ought to be pretty fast to stitch!

Just like always, if you decide to stitch Hangyodon, or any other pattern here, and want to send in a picture, I'll post your finished work here with all of the proper accolades awarded alongside it! Also, I want to thank Kylie's Mom for her comment on Ponyo and wish her the best on stitching the pattern into a Christmas tree ornament! The custom ornaments sound like a really cool idea.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dawn Stitched A Dracky! (Hey, not all of the titles can be snarky.)

Hello! Tonight I'm posting with another finished project, this time from the prolific DawnMLC, who can be found on her anime patterns website, which I'm currently doing a lot of downloading from, her anime patterns blog, which can also be found as a sidebar link on this blog, and her Deviant Art page, which has lots of nifty finished stitching. As you can tell, I have no idea where on the internet this Dawn person can be found. Despite this, she has stitched a Dracky that I posted a pattern of here at Dork Stitch a while back, and it is quite nifty!

Instead of using traditional cross stitches for this project, (which can be seen in its full glory here, at Dawn's DevArt page) Dawn did it entirely in half stitches on 22 count fabric, which, despite its tendency to boil eyeballs to the core, is really very nice, then backstitched around the entire piece, making it look nice and cartoony. What really has to be pointed out, however, is that the eyes and teeth were doing using glow in the dark floss, making Dracky the third project featured here to have glowy bits, following Anna Angell's Rorschach last week and my Aeris from over a month ago, though I'm not sure that my own counts. With this Dracky, though, I must award Dawn with the latest Dork Stitch gold star.

This star, though it isn't gold, represents a slime trying its best to protect itself against a dracky. Sadly, the slime doesn't realize that the dracky is made of fabric, or, for that matter, that it's made of a really smushed up tree. Still, the poor things are so used to being dots on a computer screen that they can't really be blamed.

Anyway, it is about time for me to quit posting here, but the next week shall bring more fun patterns and perhaps more finished projects! Also, I want to thank Elisabeth from Germany for commenting and wish her the best of luck stitching Ken! It's one of my favorite patterns I've posted here, so I hope you enjoy making it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Look, It's Glow-In-The-Dark Rorschach! Neat-o!

Hello! It's time for the second post of the day, which features a really nifty piece of cross stitching done by Anna Angell. Back in June, I posted a couple of Watchmen patterns, with one of them being of the smiley face/logo and one of them being a black and white pattern of Rorschach. I actually hadn't thought about them for a while, but today in Sunday School, I'd gotten done with sewing eyeballs on a puppet (which is part of a longer, but less relevant to the blog story) and decided to use the church's Wi-Fi to check my internet messages when I saw this finished project in my comments, which was both surprising and pretty cool.

There are lots of awesome things about this, with the most evident one being that the finished cross stitch of Rorschach is set up next to a figurine of the Comedian, which is a really nice touch for the overall image. There were two things that Anna Angell said in the comment that were really cool, though, with the first being that Rorschach was stitched in two days. The pattern may only have one color, but seeing as it's 75x70 stitches, that's a pretty impressive speed to go at! What makes the whole thing even better, though, is that it's stitched in glow in the dark floss. It may be slightly terrifying, but I love the fact that it can be all creepy and glowy and Watchmen-y all at the same time. For all of these things, a new Dork Stitch gold star must be presented, though I have to admit that this one is a direct result of having too much fun with Paint Shop Pro's art effects menu.

Anyway, I can't reply directly to comments on Blogger (since everything has to have at least one screwed up feature), so I hope that Anna Angell sees this post. Thanks very much for sending the photo, and I'll start working on matching patterns for Nite Owl and the Comedian! I'll try to make them around the same size, too, so that the set works well together.

Thanks for reading today's posts, and I'll be back soon with more patterns, photos of people's work, and whatever else seems worth posting here!

It's A Lucky Star Extravaganza!!!

Hello! Today is a two post day here on Dork Stitch, so I'm afraid neither post will be too lengthy, but the first of these posts is dedicated entirely to Lucky Star, with stitched work from one of the blog's readers and a new pattern! As regular readers of this blog may know, Deviant Art's Max-the-rabbitything has been stitching all of the Lucky Star girls from patterns posted here. The other day, however, he posted the final piece to his long and arduous quest- a lovely cross stitch of Miyuki!

I think this piece came out to be really nice, since the pinks and reds look great on the black fabric, and as always, the border is perfectly matched to the piece! If you want to see the full sized image and, check it out here, at Max-the-rabbitything's Deviant Art page. For stitching all four of the Lucky Star girls with impressive speed, accuracy, and having even taken the time to flip the image on Konata's pattern, Max-the-rabbitything is awarded with Dork Stitch's most specific gold star yet- a tiny star in the middle of Konata's massive eyeball. It may not be the biggest in terms of a star size to image size ratio, but I have to say that, not only did it take longer than the others to draw, but it also seemed like Lucky Star had to be rewarded with more Lucky Star.

All of this stitched work and gold star giving is fine indeed, but in this post title, I promised an extravaganza, and since I'm not going to achieve that simply by using the word "star" a billion times in one blog post, I have a new Lucky Star pattern of Tsukasa to post!

Appropriately enough, Tsukasa is shown in this pattern to be a little confused, which doesn't really show off her gigantic crayon colored eyeballs, but is cute nonetheless. As with the other Lucky Star patterns, it's fairly small and should be pretty easy to stitch, so if you're looking for a moderately sized project, she may be what you're searching for!

Well, I'm done with Lucky Star for now, so I'm going to close off this post and change gears completely for another reader's impressive finished stitching! Thanks for reading, and, just like I always go on about, if you decide to stitch Tsukasa or any other pattern posted here, send me a link to your image and I'll write a rambling blog post about your stitching, too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Inane Small Talk Stitching

Hello! I have a stitching pattern to post tonight, but it features no characters from anime, video games, or other cartoons, so, at first glance, it may not appear to fit under the Dork Stitch banner. If you look closely, however, you may notice that its simple message represents many a dork. After all, inane small talk is prevalent among all sectors of humanity, be they rich or poor, the most popular girl in school or the guy who built himself a scale model of an X-Wing out of flattened soda cans. I'm sure that the words printed in this pattern have been echoed by dorks across the land and through the ages. I myself have spoken them on many an occasion. Without further ado, then, here is a pattern with which all can relate.

As you can see, since this is an entirely backstitched pattern, which was made using the handy fonts on HobbyWare Pattern Maker, it could be made with incredible speed, making it just hours away from having a totally perplexing spot on your wall, or maybe even a confusing gift to a slightly estranged friend. It should be fairly easy, and if nothing else, it's quite literally a conversation starter, or, if you need out, a conversation finisher.

With that lovely piece of work out of the way, I feel it necessary to use at least some of this blog posting to spam one of the other corners of the internet I've infiltrated. Lately, I've been writing for a site called MyGamer, which is pretty interesting to do. I've done news and recaps of info from E3 and the Tokyo Game Show, but, in my opinion, the crown jewel of what I've written for them is a review for a Wii game called Pacific Liberator. It's a game about helicopters making things explode, which is not quite what I usually play, but writing the review was a great deal of fun (as it is with all the stuff I've had to play, for some reason) and I'm glad I got to do it.

After being so shameless in linking to yet more of my own work, I think it's about time I'd better put an end to this. I'll be back and posting more patterns soon, since I have a bunch of stuff ready to be formatted, including, like always, a disproportionate amount of patterns from old SNK games to stuff people actually want to stitch! I'm also working on stitching the pieces for a Mario chess set, so I might post a couple of WIP pics here. As always, if you stitch any of the patterns found on this blog, feel free to e-mail me with pictures of your finished work! I'd love to show everyone here what you've done and you'll be rewarded with a prestigious Dork Stitch Gold Star. Either way, I'm getting off for now and hope that you all have a good week!