Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dawn Stitched A Dracky! (Hey, not all of the titles can be snarky.)

Hello! Tonight I'm posting with another finished project, this time from the prolific DawnMLC, who can be found on her anime patterns website, which I'm currently doing a lot of downloading from, her anime patterns blog, which can also be found as a sidebar link on this blog, and her Deviant Art page, which has lots of nifty finished stitching. As you can tell, I have no idea where on the internet this Dawn person can be found. Despite this, she has stitched a Dracky that I posted a pattern of here at Dork Stitch a while back, and it is quite nifty!

Instead of using traditional cross stitches for this project, (which can be seen in its full glory here, at Dawn's DevArt page) Dawn did it entirely in half stitches on 22 count fabric, which, despite its tendency to boil eyeballs to the core, is really very nice, then backstitched around the entire piece, making it look nice and cartoony. What really has to be pointed out, however, is that the eyes and teeth were doing using glow in the dark floss, making Dracky the third project featured here to have glowy bits, following Anna Angell's Rorschach last week and my Aeris from over a month ago, though I'm not sure that my own counts. With this Dracky, though, I must award Dawn with the latest Dork Stitch gold star.

This star, though it isn't gold, represents a slime trying its best to protect itself against a dracky. Sadly, the slime doesn't realize that the dracky is made of fabric, or, for that matter, that it's made of a really smushed up tree. Still, the poor things are so used to being dots on a computer screen that they can't really be blamed.

Anyway, it is about time for me to quit posting here, but the next week shall bring more fun patterns and perhaps more finished projects! Also, I want to thank Elisabeth from Germany for commenting and wish her the best of luck stitching Ken! It's one of my favorite patterns I've posted here, so I hope you enjoy making it.

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  1. That is a cool star!! Thanks!!
    It was also a really funny comment on how you can find me on the net too!! Everyone here lot it was funny too:)