Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Inane Small Talk Stitching

Hello! I have a stitching pattern to post tonight, but it features no characters from anime, video games, or other cartoons, so, at first glance, it may not appear to fit under the Dork Stitch banner. If you look closely, however, you may notice that its simple message represents many a dork. After all, inane small talk is prevalent among all sectors of humanity, be they rich or poor, the most popular girl in school or the guy who built himself a scale model of an X-Wing out of flattened soda cans. I'm sure that the words printed in this pattern have been echoed by dorks across the land and through the ages. I myself have spoken them on many an occasion. Without further ado, then, here is a pattern with which all can relate.

As you can see, since this is an entirely backstitched pattern, which was made using the handy fonts on HobbyWare Pattern Maker, it could be made with incredible speed, making it just hours away from having a totally perplexing spot on your wall, or maybe even a confusing gift to a slightly estranged friend. It should be fairly easy, and if nothing else, it's quite literally a conversation starter, or, if you need out, a conversation finisher.

With that lovely piece of work out of the way, I feel it necessary to use at least some of this blog posting to spam one of the other corners of the internet I've infiltrated. Lately, I've been writing for a site called MyGamer, which is pretty interesting to do. I've done news and recaps of info from E3 and the Tokyo Game Show, but, in my opinion, the crown jewel of what I've written for them is a review for a Wii game called Pacific Liberator. It's a game about helicopters making things explode, which is not quite what I usually play, but writing the review was a great deal of fun (as it is with all the stuff I've had to play, for some reason) and I'm glad I got to do it.

After being so shameless in linking to yet more of my own work, I think it's about time I'd better put an end to this. I'll be back and posting more patterns soon, since I have a bunch of stuff ready to be formatted, including, like always, a disproportionate amount of patterns from old SNK games to stuff people actually want to stitch! I'm also working on stitching the pieces for a Mario chess set, so I might post a couple of WIP pics here. As always, if you stitch any of the patterns found on this blog, feel free to e-mail me with pictures of your finished work! I'd love to show everyone here what you've done and you'll be rewarded with a prestigious Dork Stitch Gold Star. Either way, I'm getting off for now and hope that you all have a good week!

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