Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's A Lucky Star Extravaganza!!!

Hello! Today is a two post day here on Dork Stitch, so I'm afraid neither post will be too lengthy, but the first of these posts is dedicated entirely to Lucky Star, with stitched work from one of the blog's readers and a new pattern! As regular readers of this blog may know, Deviant Art's Max-the-rabbitything has been stitching all of the Lucky Star girls from patterns posted here. The other day, however, he posted the final piece to his long and arduous quest- a lovely cross stitch of Miyuki!

I think this piece came out to be really nice, since the pinks and reds look great on the black fabric, and as always, the border is perfectly matched to the piece! If you want to see the full sized image and, check it out here, at Max-the-rabbitything's Deviant Art page. For stitching all four of the Lucky Star girls with impressive speed, accuracy, and having even taken the time to flip the image on Konata's pattern, Max-the-rabbitything is awarded with Dork Stitch's most specific gold star yet- a tiny star in the middle of Konata's massive eyeball. It may not be the biggest in terms of a star size to image size ratio, but I have to say that, not only did it take longer than the others to draw, but it also seemed like Lucky Star had to be rewarded with more Lucky Star.

All of this stitched work and gold star giving is fine indeed, but in this post title, I promised an extravaganza, and since I'm not going to achieve that simply by using the word "star" a billion times in one blog post, I have a new Lucky Star pattern of Tsukasa to post!

Appropriately enough, Tsukasa is shown in this pattern to be a little confused, which doesn't really show off her gigantic crayon colored eyeballs, but is cute nonetheless. As with the other Lucky Star patterns, it's fairly small and should be pretty easy to stitch, so if you're looking for a moderately sized project, she may be what you're searching for!

Well, I'm done with Lucky Star for now, so I'm going to close off this post and change gears completely for another reader's impressive finished stitching! Thanks for reading, and, just like I always go on about, if you decide to stitch Tsukasa or any other pattern posted here, send me a link to your image and I'll write a rambling blog post about your stitching, too!

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  1. Seeing all those cute works really makes me wanna stitch them too! lol I started watching Lucky star partly because of those patterns too ^^ I'm still at the beginning tough and it might be nice to stitch something lucky while getting through the episodes!