Sunday, November 8, 2009

Look, It's Glow-In-The-Dark Rorschach! Neat-o!

Hello! It's time for the second post of the day, which features a really nifty piece of cross stitching done by Anna Angell. Back in June, I posted a couple of Watchmen patterns, with one of them being of the smiley face/logo and one of them being a black and white pattern of Rorschach. I actually hadn't thought about them for a while, but today in Sunday School, I'd gotten done with sewing eyeballs on a puppet (which is part of a longer, but less relevant to the blog story) and decided to use the church's Wi-Fi to check my internet messages when I saw this finished project in my comments, which was both surprising and pretty cool.

There are lots of awesome things about this, with the most evident one being that the finished cross stitch of Rorschach is set up next to a figurine of the Comedian, which is a really nice touch for the overall image. There were two things that Anna Angell said in the comment that were really cool, though, with the first being that Rorschach was stitched in two days. The pattern may only have one color, but seeing as it's 75x70 stitches, that's a pretty impressive speed to go at! What makes the whole thing even better, though, is that it's stitched in glow in the dark floss. It may be slightly terrifying, but I love the fact that it can be all creepy and glowy and Watchmen-y all at the same time. For all of these things, a new Dork Stitch gold star must be presented, though I have to admit that this one is a direct result of having too much fun with Paint Shop Pro's art effects menu.

Anyway, I can't reply directly to comments on Blogger (since everything has to have at least one screwed up feature), so I hope that Anna Angell sees this post. Thanks very much for sending the photo, and I'll start working on matching patterns for Nite Owl and the Comedian! I'll try to make them around the same size, too, so that the set works well together.

Thanks for reading today's posts, and I'll be back soon with more patterns, photos of people's work, and whatever else seems worth posting here!

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  1. Thank you for this post, it's very nice =)
    And I'm glad that you like my cross stitch work!

    When you make patterns with Nite Owl and Comedian (I hope so =) and I stitch it, I'll make a photo with my Watchmen posters and t-shirts on background. Yes, I'm nutty fan =)

    Thank you again for this great pattern!
    Gold star is really cute, I love it =)