Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Off-Topic Yabbering and a New Sanrio Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! Before getting online today, I fried a good deal of my brain by sitting around and playing Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation for DS, which I'd say means I'm incredibly immature were it not for the fact that if I'd had that game when I was a kid, I would have gotten so frustrated that I would have thrown my DS out a window, meaning that putting so many hours into the game means I'm only very, not incredibly, immature. It's a cute game, and I take pride in knowing that the in-game city will soon look like Lisa Frank threw up on an article about party dresses in the 60s once my store becomes the dominant force in the game's fictional economy. However, it's also a little difficult, as a mistake early on seems to have doomed me to months of losing out to an AI controlled shop owner that had incredible luck in selling lilac sandals. This blog isn't for game reviews, though, so I'll stop chattering away on that topic and post today's pattern!

Today's pattern features the relatively obscure Sanrio mascot, Hangyodon, who is awesome because he's a cute fish monster with a cute octopus friend. (My understanding of the character's backstory may be inaccurate, but from my reading and looking at the image the pattern is based on, this is what I have gathered.) I picked this mascot for a pattern because he had big eyes that looked a bit wobbly and because of the bright color scheme, which should stop it from getting boring to stitch. The size seemed pretty balanced to me, too, so although it's not a tiny pattern, Hangyodon ought to be pretty fast to stitch!

Just like always, if you decide to stitch Hangyodon, or any other pattern here, and want to send in a picture, I'll post your finished work here with all of the proper accolades awarded alongside it! Also, I want to thank Kylie's Mom for her comment on Ponyo and wish her the best on stitching the pattern into a Christmas tree ornament! The custom ornaments sound like a really cool idea.


  1. Somehow, the sense of the first part of the post is pretty obscure to me ^^'' But my brain is fried too and in this late hours my English is about to give up >.<
    Cute pattern though, especially the octopus.
    And, I wanted to say that a stitched a pattern of yours. It's not on DA yet, on the blog only. I kinda messed the colours and added some things, but would like to hear what you think about it ^^
    ~Good night...

  2. Oh dear Lord...nearly fell out of my chair when I saw my name LOL. Thanks for the encouragement, I've just started but I'm very excited . Kylie will absolutely love it :) .