Monday, December 7, 2009

True Blood Cross Stitch Patterns With Two Non-Cross Stitched Finished Examples!

Hello! I think it's been a week since I last posted here, meaning that it's more than time for me to post here again. My brain is a little fried today, though, so I'm not sure how coherent I'll be. Half of it is from sleep deprivation and half of it is from trying to plow through a Diner Dash knockoff at a remarkable speed for, which has had the unfortunate effect of making it so that when I close my eyes I see the tiny people screaming because they don't have any cake. Because of that, I will probably be slightly briefer than normal, which probably isn't saying a lot.

Today's pattern, as you might have deducted from the title, is from True Blood, the extremely R-rated HBO original series (or the Charlene Harris novels they were based on), meaning that the patterns I made had no choice but to be extremely cute. I lined up all my printed patterns of Neo Geo Pocket Color sprites and got out some graph paper and pencils to make this patten, which ended up looking fairly similar to the sprites from the NGPC Last Blade game. I am not sure if True Blood for the Neo Geo Pocket Color would be a good game, and it would certainly have bad sales figures, especially in this day and age, but I'd buy it.

Though I plan on making more patterns of more True Blood characters, mostly because it makes me laugh, today's victims are Sookie and Arlene. I made Sookie first, since she's the main character, and then made Arlene because I had the template for the Merlotte's Bar and Grill waitress outfit done. I thought it would be cute to have them talking, so Arlene's showing off an engagement ring, which I'm going to try and dig up some glitter floss for, and Sookie is quite happy for her. These should be quick and easy to stitch, with exact color matches being totally unnecessary, and work well for other pixel based crafts, too.

I've already made the Sookie sprite, the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I needlepointed her because I wanted it to be done quickly and thought it would look nice if it were large. I posted her on my Deviant Art page, but since this is my blog, I'm going to put her up again, just because I want to.

On Deviant Art, another user, Blusugarbabyz, said she thought of Diner Dash when she saw this, which I can see quite easily. I don't think it would go well if Flo gave her customers synthetic blood, though.

After I posted this, I sort of forgot about it, but when I logged onto Deviant Art a few days ago, I saw that FatalJapan had done a perler bead version of her! I was excited about this and posted cheerful comments and ran around the house saying "SOOKIE" over and over, because that's pretty fun, but now the time has come to put his version of Sookie here on Dork Stitch.

I was quite impressed with this, especially since I'm too lazy to try and make anything like this from a photo rather than a chart. What's even cooler, though, is that I can only find a one pixel difference between this and the original chart I had on a ratty piece of graph paper. If you want to see the full sized version of this, it's on FatalJapan's aforementioned Deviant Art page right at this link. As all of you regular readers know, however, FatalJapan's actions in this situation have won him this blog's highest honor: the Dork Stitch gold star. (This one happens to be a bad case of "fun with digital screentones," but it's at least the proper color.)

Anyway, after that rambling and image heavy post, I think I'm going to go play Final Fantasy VIII until I pass out, seeing as I'm absolutely on top of everything new and shiny in popular culture. I'll be back soon with more patterns and more finished project photos, but until then, I hope all of you have a good week!

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